Best way to communicate between App and Website

Hello Everyone,

I’m wondering what the best way is to send data from an app to a webpage and have that data displayed on the webpage. I thought I read somewhere on here that google now provides services for this, but I’m not sure that’s the way I want to go yet. (I haven’t googled anything yet. I wanted to know everybody’s opinion)

Having only a basic understanding of php and MySQL, where would be the best place to get this developed?



I think the best way is to develop a restful web service
you can outsource it at any freelancing web sites

if your app needs high security, use a web service. otherwise implement a JSON API in your website to communicate with the app. it’s the common and the best approach.

JSON and encrypt you data use AES128/256. I use this for some of my app

OK, thanks for the suggestions. I would like to do both - webservice/JSON. Maybe I should start with JSON with encryption. Do you guys have any recommended learning paths I should take for either?

You’re probably referring to Google App Engine. When you’re building a Java based web application on GAE, it integrates very nicely with Android apps. This way you basically don’t have to write a web service API, and both projects can use the same business logic and data layer. On the other hand, tight coupling like this is not the greatest idea from an architectural standpoint, since it makes it harder to replace/refactor either component (let’s say if you want to move away from GAE, or want to have an iOS app use the same web app).

Yeah, that’s probably what I was thinking of. But for the reasons you stated, being tied to a particular platform and possibly wanting to make a change that it may not support, I don’t want to use it. Plus I would like to get my hands dirty and learn some of the basics of web programming/JSON.

Use node.js!