Best way to combine some ad networks

Hi again people! Im searching a lot for this topic, but I dont found nothing about it. Anybody have experience that he wanna tell us? Or some script that allows the interaction for any ads networks rotatively?

The closest thing that I have found is adwhirl but not supports the ad networks that I need.

Thanks! Sorry my bad English.

You could check out AdMob Mediation, which is basically AdWhirl but improved :slight_smile: There are a few other networks which do it as well - notably MoPub, Millennial Media and Smaato. I believe Inneractive now include ads from several different networks as well.

Personally I have only used ad mediation in one of my apps so far, and for this I wrote the code myself. So I basically made a random number generator, which would randomly pick a network to display. Then I’d write separate code for each network to display the appropriate ad.

But doing it through a mediation platform is a lot easier!

Wow, thanks!

How is my first application, I will try AdMob and Madvertise, because not is a potential app, the next apps probably I do something how you. Is recomendable combine many networks, or 2 would be the maximus to a aceptable perfomande?

With Madvertise you should detect if there is no ad and then display admob instead - because fill rate for Madvertise is really, really low.

Yeah! just now I have problems trying these! If you can look at

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