Best Tractor Real Farmer Simulator

This Best Tractor Real Farmer Simulator allows you to manage your very own farm in Harvest Farm Tractor Simulator. Experience how a real farmer lives and works around a big countryside farm. Drive around your land in a big cultivator and plant the seeds in the fertilized ground. Water the crops like a real farmer would do and after a while it is time to harvest the crops. harvest the crops. Now it is time to sell the crops oreat them yourself!
This farm tractor simulator gives you the ultimate farming experience. Unlock new and better farming machines when you complete the challenging levels in this tractor farming simulator. Use these new and better farming machines for the bigger fertilized ground and complete these levels too!
Download now this ultimate Real farming simulator and enjoy hours of real farmer game play!
How To Play:

  • Complete Daily Missions to get extra seeds and coins.
  • Unlock other farms by completing all the missions of the owned farm.
  • Grow your crops to make money by selling them in the city.
  • Buy tractor to speed up the process of growing the crops.
    -Play a real tractor simulator for your harvest farm like real farmer
  • Upgrade the Cart, Storage, etc… to increase their storage capacity.
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    Real Farmer Simulator