Best Spanish Walls/Interstitials networks ?

Hi there.

I have a game of logic questions used mostly by Spanish/South-Americans and i want to increse my revenue by adding interstitials/walls ( currently just using banners).

I’ve been looking for Spanish oriented networks but have not found much.
Also I’m interested in a network that is not fully game-oriented, since my application is more like riddle/puzzle/casual and im looking for ads that may be of interest to my audience.

What networks are you using for Spanish audience and how they work?

Thank you.


I would suggest either Millennialmedia sdk or Airpush. I have had experience using both and have been fairly satisfied. I really liked Airpush’s smartwall which consists of their dialogue, landing page, appwall. I too have a good amount of users in spain and I was getting pretty solid CPM of $2.

Milennialmedia is performing poorly for SouthAmerica, very low fill rate atm. I will give Airpush a try.
Tryed HUNT but is not even sending ads and adfonic is pending to be aproved, so both are discarded atm. Flurry is working but adds are allways in english and look quite bad …

Any other ad networks for spanish-speakers ?

I need some advice since im losing lot of impresions right now :mad: