Best solution for live wallpapers after new policy?

Hi, everyone,

What, in your opinion and experience, is the best solution for live wallpapers, now that push ads are gone? Is there any ad network or combination of networks that can offer earnings that can match what pushes made?

I’ve been reading a lot on this forum about different ad networks and it’s hard to get a conclusion on what the best option is. It seems that whatever we choose now it can only bring some 20% of what we’ve made so far with Airpush. I will accept if we can’t earn that much anymore but what is the next best thing and how close can it get?


Hi, so I have the same concern as you, but since you received no answer I started my own topic here:

Check it out, it’s getting some participation so it might have some of the answer you were looking for.
Also you probably discovered some solutions since October, so I hope you’ll share them there as well.


I think the solution is to have 5X the apps and the users we had before the Policy Update ,
There is no way else , Google is starting taking down Ad networks one by one , they started by PingJam and now StartApp and Appwiz , who knows what is coming next

Thanks for the suggestion @Pharaoh
But it does sound like a limiting belief to say that there’s NO other way. There’s a way :slight_smile:

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