Best place to display adds in game

Hello guys.
I will finish my first app soon. It’s a simple 2d running game with Google Api leaderboards. My next step is to setup adds in the game (Admob i think) but there are some questions.

Where’s the best place to display them? I don’t want to interfere in game experience (however i have some free space at the bottom of the screen). There is loading screen between menu and game. I was also thinking about fullscreen add after i.e. every 5th death or something. I want to make players click them as often as possible and at the same time I don’t want to make my adds annoying.
What can you suggest?

PS I was looking for similiar thread but found nothing. If there’s already an explanation on the forum please paste the link and I am sorry:)

Hi @Mateusz, welcome to this forum.

There mant discussions about this topik. The best answer I can give you is to test it in a few locations before deciding. Each app behaves differently and the same for tis users. App luanhc might be the best performing place in my experience, but it can be seen as too intrusive. although in my eyes it’s much less intrusive than between levels. Showing an ad when the game is over, before returning to the menu screen, is the clissic choice and probably less intrusive than the rest. So, you need to test it for a few days before we start. Last but not least - native ads are the next big thing. I would definitely go in that direction if I were you.

Take a look at this prenentation I made in a webinar a few weeks ago. It might give you a better direction and ideas. I hope :). Here it is.

I still think it is against admob policy, no matter how much space you have, but i cant find it right now…

You should also read the AdMob guidelines and policies:Ad placement

Thank you for answer. I will deeply read the thread now:)
Well, I haven’t found any restritcion that doesn’t allow me to place add during the gameplay. It only says that it SHOULDN’T interfere and be placed near buttons to avoid accidentaly clicks. However in my opinion it’s hard to find place where player won’t accidentaly click because it’s small screen and it happens.

In my game there are only two big buttons. Left side of the screen and right side of the screen to jump or slide.

Can you give me advice if such ad placement will be OK? I know google is strict in their policy and I want to avoid stupid ban without a reason.
This is how it looks like:

I also think about displaying another ad before or after gameplay like jonathan suggested

Hi, check out this video :slight_smile:

Also, i’ve asked the same question here:!topic/google-admob-ads-sdk/37MEsmhTmvM

I also think, that ads should be disabled (or hidden) during gameplay and away from any clickable content. The idea is that the user be happy and have a great experience, the advertiser be satisfied (no accidental clikcs for example) and to have a good app/game and everything to be compliant with AdMob. Good luck :slight_smile: .

So, is it okay to display intersitials between two game levels?

I want to display them if a user completes a level.

I also have one important question. Now I’ve implemented the banner in activity onCreate() method and I am switching visibily of it wheter display it or not. Does it count impression even it’s unvisible?

Yes that’s totally fine, as long as you don’t display the ad just as the user is about to interact with UI. You might get accidental clicks.
Many games follow this model.

Ah okay, thank you!

I believe it still counts as an impression, whether the ad is visible or not. I cannot guarantee that though.

I’ve investigated the problem and that’s true. Impressions are counted event while AdView is invisible.

How it really impacts on the revenue?
Anyone here already handled it in different way than switching AdView visibility?

You aren’t technically going to lose out on any revenue, but it will give you a lower overall RPM due to less ads being seen and therefore more ads shown for the same amount of clicks (if that makes sense). You are also wasting a small amount of bandwidth, although that’s probably not really going to be a factor unless you have long sessions and show a lot of ads while their invisible.

Are there ads paid per impression and aren’t such invisible ads displaying against the policy?