Best place to buy 1000 installs in 3 days


I’m looking for a place to buy 1000 installs. I don’t want to use facebook and admob/adwords. Any good options?


Ive alway used…Don’t expect the installers to keep your app for more than a few hours.

You can get 1000 installs in same day from Buy Google Play Accounts & Android App Installs and Ratings

Hey Bobby!
Check out Supersonic. With 500 million users and our innovative rewarded video with video ad mediation, 1000 installs in 3 days is a possible feat! Message me if you’re interested in a promotion.

Hey there,

Go to Appnext - you can buy the installs on CPI basis, and the system is 100% self-serve. Let me know if you need further explanations.

Hey guys thank you for the site…I forgot to tell that it was for IOS only. If you have other suggestions do not hesitate :slight_smile:

this is android website hence the name makingmoneywithandroid so leave and go home

lol thanks to let me know DroidGenie… But I do apps for both platform and I know that a lot of people doing it here too.

I personally use they offer ios and android installs. Good luck OP

Best place buy google play installs BoostMyApp.

Lol I was just playing around, making a joke

I too had thought of converting android apps into IOS.

IOS supports any other programming language as well except objective C?

how about the revenue in compare to android?

publishing procedure is as simple as android?

please throw some light on these basic questions.

Let me answer your questions

  1. Don’t know much but they released a new programming language called swift which is easy to learn and if you are creating games using a cross platform software the language doesn’t matter and if you are good in java than it won’t take much time for you to learn objective c

  2. Revenue is much more than android

  3. Nope, every app submitted is tested by their staff and it can take upto 20 days to update the app

  4. You have to pay $99 every year for your developer account

Thanks for the info.
i forgot to ask one thing in previous post.

For IOS setup,we need to have a laptop with mac OS+IOS developer account.
Do we need to purchase iPhone as well for testing or IOS similators are caoable to do the job.

If you want to code IOS app with java, search robovm, you can install mac on VMware but it slow or you can try hackintosh. Debug on simulator enough if you code app, but game better buy an IOS device, ipad mini first gen or iphone 5 not so expensive, more cheaper if you buy an used one, search on ebay.

For OP, you can try Chartboost, but it’s only for game

The key point is the relatively high investment in hardware developer need to invest upfront to develop iOS apps. The annual 99 just add on to the cost.


I’m part of a network called Waypedia, we have Android and IOS downloads, for IOS we can do up to 2000-5000 downloads per day, that means we can accomplish your goal (1000 installs in 3 days).
but the minimum order for IOS is 2500 downloads, and the cost is $0.40 per install.

PM me if you need more details.
or add me on S kype: mouad.waypedia

Why do you want to buy installs if you don’t know if your app is useful to the people who install it. In this day and age. It is just too many people throwing out [email protected] in the market and attempt to make a buck. If you have an useful app, identify the industry segments and advertise on websites in those industries.

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