Best Performing Ad Networks October 2015

Hey guys,

What were your best performing ad networks for October?

Admob was the best 4 me.

you can consider incentmobi, one of the fast-growing ad network. we pay 3 times more revene than traditional ad networks.

and what about the payment options? I meant the cycle and instrument they use?

For game, Chartboost and Unity Ads. For app, admob and my signature list works great for me. Lastly, don’t forgot appnext in having promotion from October till December that doubled the revenue, which is worth to try if you haven’t try them before.

Appnext are always good. Stable. Admob passes them from time to time in my apps, but not in October.

Startapp and Admob did very well for me Admob did $965 and StartApp did $437. This is for 3rd party markets only so the results are very decent. This is what replaced Bundle2 for me from airpush.

I’m not using Startapp from some months because they started decline. Are they becoming decent again ? Can you please give some little info about the overall ecpm. Thanks

Is it possible to use admob with 3rd party markets ?

Adscend Media also has varying kinds of offers optimized for mobile, including mobile CPI. You can integrate in-app offer wall or rewarded video, or grab stand-alone offers and apps :slight_smile:

But, You don’t have Unity SDK :confused:

Do you have incentive offerwall?

Those who didn’t should give a try to AdBuddiz
We have currently pretty high performing campaigns (both CPI and BPM based) and our latest SDK displays the best out of static and video interstitials.
Feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

October best networks.

  1. Solo Admob was best for me.
  2. Avocarrot on second number.
  3. Appodeal on third as i am using it only for 3rd party apps currently. It might be more better if used on GP.

We do have an incentive offer wall. In-app integration options are: SDK, API, Webview. Feel free to contact me if you have any other questions and if you would like to further discuss - skype: michael.adscend

Keep in mind that 3rd party apps outside of GP/Amazon are against Appodeal policies now and you risk your account being suspended.

Will remove it from opera now.

I just pm you

We at AdTapsy have been asked a lot about how different ad networks perform. That is why we have decided to build an awesome, interactive eCPM comparison with geo breakdown with mobile ad networks that are supported in our ad mediation platform:

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Appodealand Mobilecorefor me…