best pay per install/download ad-network


I am currently using Admob but it is giving me awful eCPM and the revenue is also too low. I have low active install, what would be the best pay per install network which gives me best value.

I think Tapjoy is the cheapest: it costs $0.10 per install but the installs are incentivised. That means users install your app because they want to earn virtual currency in other apps. So they will probably uninstall your app once they won the virtual currency.

Appbrain offers installs at as low as $0.20 and they are the cheapest non-incentivised network as far as I know.

I do recommend them (I am using them too) but it depends a lot on what countries you are targeting. Top countries like US, UK or Australia can be targeted with 0.20 but you won’t get a lot of installs (maybe around 50 per day). If you target countries from Asia with $0.20 you will get a lot more downloads but the revenue will be a lot less from these users.

Thanks for your help.

Just one more question: I am having an eCPM of 0.11 on my apps, is it too low? should it move to getting banner ads of other networks like Millennial Media or Inmobi, etc

0.11 eCPM sounds low, but it depends on several factors: refresh rate, number of clicks, position of banners, cost of clicks, quality of banners.

I am only using Admob so I don’t have experience with other banner networks.

I have a refresh rate of 60s, The banner loads on every new page swiped(which is too much my app also contains photos and banner is above that too) along with an interstitial at app launch and app exit. Now the eCPM is much lower 0.09.

can you let me know for what average eCPM i could expect with Admob?

How often is a new page swiped? You could try setting the refresh rate to 60s but keeping the same banner when page is swiped. That way you would only get impressions once every 60 seconds no matter what user does.

eCPM depends a lot on the number of impressions served. If you are serving new ad every time a page is swiped and there are a lot of swipes, then you will serve tons of impressions thus the eCPM will be very low.

What is your CTR?

I think startapp is one of adnetwork pay good payment. You can see my revenue below at my sign

The CTR is 0.15%

The CTR is very low. I have around 1% for a game and around 2% for another. But my ads don’t refresh when user goes from one screen to another.

I know you are tempted to show as many ads as possible because users might eventually find one that they like, but it is not good. A lot of impressions and a low CTR will get Admob to server you worse ads with lower cost. So you should drastically reduce the number of impressions and increase the CTR and eCPM by reducing the number of times the ad refreshes.

Thanks for the tip, Changed the refresh rate to 120 sec and editing the code to avoid the change of ad everytime.

One app of mine has 0.30 eCPM and CTR of 0.6% but it is listed under the same Admob account, will Admob also serve worse ads to that app too or does Admob treats it differently due to better eCPM and CTR

I don’t know if the account matters.

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we have a new game launching in a few weeks, we would like to drive installs to my app and to do it in one day campaign our budget is around 1000$ for this purpose
which ads would you recommend us to use in order to drive as many installs we can have with this budget ?

It depends a lot on how many installs you want to get with $1000 in one day and where you want the installs to come from. From my experience, if you target North America, Europe and Australia with a bid of $0.2 you won’t be able to spend more than $250-$300 in one day. If you target the entire world you might be able to spend $1000 in one day (at $0.2 per install) but you will have a lot of installs from Asia, Africa, Center and South America, regions that don’t pay very well.

If you set a higher bid (let’s say $1 per install) and target top countries like USA, UK, Australia, Canada, you will probably be able to spend $1000 in one day (not tested, it’s just my assumption).

You can also try other advertising methods like Facebook, Chartboost, Tapjoy, Admob, etc, but they are more expensive than appbrain from my experience.

Thank you very much for your reply
My game is free, and i want to drive as many installs as i can to climb up the charts on google play. i am targeting the whole world do you think i can have 5000 downloads in one day? or if i will spend 2000 $
can i get 10,000 a day? i prefer not to work with ads that pay user to install couse i don’t want to have lots of uninstalls what do you suggest me to do i’m a little confused.
Thank you very much.

If you target the entire world with a bid of $0.2, you might be able to get 5000 downloads in one day from appbrain (not sure because I haven’t tried that). I don’t think you will be able to get 10 000 in a day with a bid of $0.2, though. As far as I remember, appbrain promotions do need a bit of time to run full scale. That means you will get fewer installs the first day you start the promotion but once their system has some metrics about impressions/conversion rate, it will start delivering more and more impressions. So it might take 2 days to get 5000 installs, it depends on how fast their system picks up the data for your game.

Don’t take what I said for granted, it’s just my opinion.

Wow, thanks, what would you do if you had a free game you wanted to market and try to climb up the charts on google play with a 1000 - 2000$ budget?
if i use appbrain does the installs are “quality” i don’t want to drive installs that will be uninstalled 2 days after unless the user don’t like my game offcourse…
Thanks again you really helping me out here!

Appbrain is not an incentivized network so you shouldn’t worry about uninstalls. I would use appbrain with a $1000 - $2000 budget and spend it in several days by targeting US, Canada, UK, Australia, and some top European countries.

Thank you very much you helped me a lot

No problem, good luck with your game!