Best non-AdMob Network for Latin America

Hi All,
I just got banned by AdMob after 5 years for one of my apps and need to find another provider.

I tried with MoPub and few S2S networks (MobFox, MobileCore, MobFox) but the results are very weak. My App is using classical banner and interstitial ads. Any proposals? The App is in spanish and used mainly in latin america. Is Huntsads still around?

Try Appnext - they have about 10-40 ads for most of the countries in LATAM. for Brazuk and Argentina they have even more. Fill rate is 100%, which is awesome, and the eCPM is great.

Mobile core is also an option, although performance is not great (but still fine. eCPM is about $0.7 lower).

Don’t use Startapp or Airpush - from what I read, they are not doing very well these days.

For interstitial, mobileCore is fine actually, but you can still try others like appnext, chartboost.
For banner, Facebook Audience Network is the one you may want to try.

Not sure about Huntads. Btw, what is your reason for banned?

I’m having a app that offeres jokes in Spanish. As some of the jokes are related to sex AdMob banned it. I could either remove this jokes or change the ads provider.

Here’s a list:

  • RevMob
  • Hunt Mobile Ads
  • Jampp
  • Hands Brazil
  • RedMas
  • Adyuz

Hi Anjok,

Have you considered using AdBuddiz? :slight_smile:

Right now we have many great campaigns in LATAM, with an average eCPM of $3. Our system maximises revenues by displaying the best our of static and video ads.

For more info, please do not hesitate to PM or contact me at [email protected]