Best night with girls

What was yours the most unforgettable night spent with a girl? Where it was and who was she?

Interesting question! My best night ever was in Pune. I was extremely bored and decided that it’ll be a good idea to order a local slut. It was the best decision. It was the first time when I received so much pleasure and satisfaction. That girl danced a striptease for me, then went down, and did it fantastically. The whole night we spent in bed. In the morning, I was exhausted, but it was a pleasant feeling.

Oh, why are you interested in such a question? Anyways, I’ll tell you. It happened a month ago in Kolkata. My friend recommended a local escort with the hottest girls ever. I ordered one of them, and the whole night was unforgettable. We tried all possible positions, used a strapon, and I even tried fisting for the first time.