Best network to tier2 users?

i have reward app that most users are from tier2 countries: India, Bangladesh etc. So its not generate good income now.

What are best networks to these user groups? They dont have lot of offers in offerwalls like IronScr etc.

Admob income is very small so also similar (banner/interstitial/reward video) are very welcomed.

This question is asked often about networks in general. What is the best? Narrowing it down to a specific geo makes answering that question even harder. Not because there aren’t networks that focus in that area, but because a lot of times, those networks do not perform well. Its frustrating.

Your best bet is to start with a mediation network to find out which networks perform for you. After that, play around with different networks. See what their fill rate is and how well they do in your app.

I agree with RozekEnhance. Use a mediation platform that gives you access to all the networks. I’m with Appodeal, we’ve aggregated all the major ad networks and DSPs into one SDK. The reason why we’d be a good fit is we don’t have any in-house demand; therefore, we know which ad to request from which network in order to yield the highest value.

Hi! The best you can do is mediation to gather all ad networks you can and get the higest bid possible. Try different ad mediation services and see which one works better for you. I get good feedback from Appodeal users.
Also, you can try to implement rewarded videos and video interstitials in you app, since those are the highest paying formats for tier 2 countries.

Thank you all for tips! Offerwalls would be great because many users skip interstitials and banners with ad blockers. Dont know does it also skip videos?