Best network for Unity3D & publishing to many stores?

Hi! I have been advised to post in this section, my question is:

Do you know of any ad networks that:

  1. have interstitial ads (and hopefully video)
  2. pay well
    3.have support of many app stores such as Opera Mobile Store, 1Mobile, Getjar, Apptoide, Amazon, Appslib, Softsonic, Mobango, SlideMe, and F-Droid (revmob has only around 8-ish, so the more the better)
  3. Have Unity3D Integration (all my apps are in Unity3D )

currently I know of:


How do I tell which is best?

Thanks in advance!

There are a lot of ad networks/exchanges/mediation platforms that support Unity:

Millennial Media
and many more

Nowadays every big (and not so big) ad network has his own Unity sdk. Even Unity has its own video ad network.

Yeah lots of networks offer a Unity plugin. If you’re looking to use video ads then I’d suggest using a mediation layer that offers supported video networks. I’m using Aerserv right now because they support the most video networks compared to any other mediation. I’ve also heard Mobfox offers a decent amount of supported video networks, and I believe they support Unity Ads.

For me, Appodeal works fine. I 've tested several ad networks for unity 3d and can suggest you Appodeal. It’s an mediation platform which includes many different ad networks and serve ads based on revenue.

Just take a look at my last stats:
The eCPM is awesome as you can see. One more advantage is you only need to sign up once to get all networks included (no need to signup seperatly on the networks)

Maybe you give it a try :slight_smile:

Appodeal is no different from other similar ad network mediation like what Mobfox,Aerserve is doing. But I find the number of tag to put inside the AndroidManifest.xml and those additional jar files dropped into libs folder cluttered. If other ad network can make it clean like 1-2 activity tag in AndroidManifest.xml and ONE jar file into libs folder, I don’t see why other similar themed ad network mediation cannot follow the same approach.

Can you share your latest stats and returns?

No more to say :slight_smile:

Hey guys,

For most networks, the same APK you use for Google Play will work on 3rd party markets, you just need to provide a valid URL to it.
As others previously stated, most others do networks do have plugins for Unity. At Airpush, we obviously do, along with 16 others - You can see the complete list here
Plugins for Airpush Android SDK -

We also have another SDK specially formulated for these 3rd party markets that offers payment on a PPI basis of up to $0.05 per new user install and agreement opt in world wide. It pays a higher amount up front so you do not have worry about user life time value of viewing nd engaging with ads. Please PM me if you would like to test this out.

Airpush Nick

Please, don’t say that we are no different.

Actually, Appodeal is VEEERY different from other mediators.
We are doing muuuch more behind the scenes, which leads to much higher revenues for publishers rather regular mediation.

Here are sample features, that are not offered today by any other mediators on the market.

  • Immediate payouts
  • Advertisers blacklisting
  • Proper third-party accounts set up
  • Building user profile and enriching your impressions with data about users to access more expensive advertisements.

Those are just few examples, we have much more behind the scenes. Long story short – Appodeal yields higher revenues, even if you compare to other mediators.

Give it a try and share your results.