Best network for third party markets

Hello guys
I have an app that I’m marketing through my website and through some third party markets with hundreds of thousands of monthly active users , it was previously on Google Play but then I was banned because of Bundle 2 ads , and now I’m getting more and more users through my SEO expertise and social media.

My question is , what’s the best adnetwork for my kind of apps , I was a long user of airpush since 2012 but after they canceled the Bundle 2 , I started using their clean SDK and it’s not worth it , also tried hummermobi network but it’s full of viruses that try to take over the phone using device manager and push notifications that can’t be swiped off and I wouldn’t want that for my users.

So is there any alternative to these networks ?

Hi Stewie,

Sorry to hear your that you were banned on Gplay and having issues with other networks SDKs.
Most networks will allow apps hosted on 3rd party markets as long as you provide a valid APK link with their SDK integrated.
Have you tried us at Phunware? Our SDK is easy to integrate, has solid ad units and CPMs world wide.

Check out our media deck here at Phunware Pub Media Deck.pdf - Google Drive, and shoot me a PM if you would like to chat further.

Phunware Nick