Best network for the 3rd party store

What are some of the best ad network for the third party store?I have more than 100k daily active users with the 3rd party store?

Startapp is OK, appodeal is OK too. Contrary to some people beliefs, Admob really works well everywhere and you don’t need to have the app in Google Play. I am just saying that because Appodeal requires it.
Sadly you cannot have facebook audience network, they require the app in Google Play.

Enhance supports a wide range of networks, and with integration taking almost no time at all, you can find a network that will work for you in just minutes!

What do you mean the facebook audience network require the app in Google Play? We have app in both Google play and third party network. Does it mean if the app download from third party network not getting any facebook audience network advertisement?

If the package name you registered in FAN dashboard is alive in GP, then all places you have submitted the app with that package name will be all OK with FAN.
But if you gave the app with package name com.XXX in GP, and in other stores you have same app with net.XXX, FAN will reject the net.XXX.

but on the 3rd party store with the same package name as on the fb it will not serve any kind of ads .

I have two games use the same Admob unit ID, both have Facebook Integration with as different facebook game IDs. I’ve just integrated the Facebook Audience one month ago. The following is the summary. I use Admob as mediation to Facebook Audience.

Game A: Facebook Audience integrated with correct Facebook Audience ID
Game B: Facebook Audience integrated without correct Facebook Audience ID

The result is that on Game A, all the (Admob Native Install Ad) was not serving (All disappear in one night). On Game B everything is normal. I was wonder whether the integration of Facebook Audience affect the original Admob Native Install Ad that I’m serving.

It looks the Game A package name is watching by the Admob, because both Game A and Game B use the same Admob unit ID.

Maybe you should Try admob.

If you are looking for the best ad network to get the best result than have a look to Mobile ad network ALPHGARAVEL SDK

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