Best Network for Thailand

Hey guys,
Just released a new app and its taken off insanely in Thailand for some reason.
I’m using StartApp and SendDroid in it right now.
StartApp is obviously delivering the goods with the PPD, but SendDroid isn’t generating anywhere near the impressions I usually get.
Is AirPush any better for Asian territories?
I have space for banners in the app too, but I have never specialized in particular goes with banners.
Does anyone have any experience with banners in Asia? Suggestions?

For Asia, I have Airpush eCPM of $1.3 last month (roughly speaking).

For asia admob really sucks…I would go with airpush(not at the moment) or start-app exit ad…

Having been developing apps targeting for south east Asia countries i.e: Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia & Thailand, I would like to share my experience regarding the best ad networks to be implemented over this region:

  • Banner Ad : Admob, MM
  • Push Ad : AirPush, AppBucks, Appflood
  • Interstitial : Leadbolt’s Appwall. [ I’m experimenting with TapContext& MobileCore appwalls. Seems both of them are well suited for this region ].

Here are some tips on how to further enhance your monetization prospects over this region :

  1. Translate your app.description from English to Thai/Malay/Indonesian languages.

  2. Avoid using INTRUSIVE ADWARE trigged SDKs since most of the end users here’ll regard them as VIRUS.

  3. Avoid using ads which contains immoral contents such as gambling, pornography and so forth.

With these tips, I have managed to earn close to $1000 /month with my 12 apps & the earnings keep flourshing day by day…

As an Asian young, I so agree with your tips on how to enhance app ad revenue in Asia especially the last 2 tips!You know well about culture and people’s psychology here~lol

As far as i know appwalls(Like tapjoy) is once quite popular as players were happy with the coins they get rewarded from this incentive ad.

It’s not as popular as it was last few years for that the retention rate is somehow low so the cpi is cheaper and cheaper…

Great info guys! Thanks. I will get right on it :slight_smile:

Could you share your average ECPM on those regions? Did you also try Inmobi? I heard they are pretty good on Asia regions.
And about translating description, do you think it’s wise to translate only the description without translating the game/app content?

I am from Asia, my ECPM from 0.5 to 5$ (Admob from Asia), you need to translate everything to the target country language.

I have a quite high amount of thai users (music applications) and I am going ok with admob, CPC 1.3

My apps are in thailand only. Interestingly i have tried admob also but me returns were not very good. The only other i have had experience with is airpush so i cannot make any comparisons.
I agree strongly with the comments above re translations etc.
Great information ‘East’ - thank you.

BuzzCity had insane Thailand CPC last I checked, and I’m pretty they offer in app SDKs(they’re mostly WAP and Web traffic).

  • Here is the stats for Admob [ 12 apps ] : eCPM - $0.47-$0.50 , Impressions close to 50,000 daily , CTR - 0.78%-0.84%

  • For other ad networks, you can find on these following threads :Thread 1, Thread 2, Thread 3

  • Yes, I have tried InMobi. Unfortunately, eCPM is not that encouraging and I believe InMobi is doing OK for India and not for South East Asia region.

  • Yes, It’s wise to translate ONLY the the description & NOT the content of the app due to these following reasons :

    1. English is commonly spoken here especially in Singapore & Malaysia.

    2. Most of the smartphone owners here are from middle-level income groups whom are well educated & well versed in English as well.

    3. Angry Birds has been a huge success here & it is in full English.

    4. The main objective to translate the description to Thai/Malay/Indonesia is more to do with ‘psychological effect’ - to win their hearts by appreciating their cultures/languages.:slight_smile:

Well I ended up going with Millennial Media’s banners. I couldn’t get Buzzcity’s ads to load and their site seems really low budget too.

Getting eCPM of $0.78! Hope it lasts.

great eCPM, i am from south east asia too and i use admob, my eCPM is $0.48. Look like i’m gonna try MIllennial Media too in my next app.

Hi guys,

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Wanted to bump this thread in order to notify you that our results in Thailand have been very high for the last few weeks.
We have a many great offers running, and we’ve also translated the ads to Thai and many more languages (determined by the devices’s language) which improves our results.


i have a lot of apps with asian traffic and as i posted in another thread, the best are Inmobi and Airpush for that region.
i have tried all the networks to come to that conclusion, so i am confident of it.
the only exception is China, where admob seems the best followed by airpush then inmobi.
but for all other APAC countries, inmobi and airpush are best.

Admob + mobileCore ครับ…

mobilecore has the highest payouts I have seen