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Best network for italy?

Until now i used airpush, with a cpm of 0.30$, in these days it dropped to 0.5-0.1$, so i decided to move my traffic to other networks with this results:

Impressions: 165752
cpm: $0.11
revenue: $18.85

Impressions: 25117
RPM: 0.04€
revenue: 0.89€

Impressions: 13247
cpm: $0.14
revenue: $2.51

Impressions: 38866
eCPM: €0.29
revenue: €11.23

Any suggestion?

You need fill-rate in there or the data is meaningless.

These are impressions not requests, why do you say that?

Anyway i think airpush fill rate is less than 50%
admob 99%
mobfox and lumata ~60%

I say that because a higher eCPM is only higher if the fill-rate is on the same level between compared networks.

Set up mediation with Admob and give most traffic to your higher paying networks, with the lower paying ones as back up.

That’s not a problem because when a network can’t serve banners, my app automatically load another network

If you are mediating then what’s the original question?

I simply use the sdk listeners… no mediation, and i’m looking for a network that gives me an higher revenue for my country