Best network for Advertising my own App?

Hi guys, I am planning to start an advertising campaign for one of my sports apps. Can you suggest any network which you have used and had good results?

I can spend upto $100 per week for now, so I am looking for a cheaper solution. I have no specific country target.

Any kind of suggestion is welcome.

thanks :slight_smile:

$100 per week that would be too low. what mode do you wanna do? CPC, CPI, CPM? the payout is different, and also changeable according to the country you targeted. I can only tell you for CPI, US-IOS would be around $2.5~$3.5, Android-US around $1.5~$2.3, but SEA countries are cheaper, except Singapore.


If you don’t have any targeting, we might be the perfect solution for you. Appnext offers $0.1 CPI global campaigns, if you integrate our tracking SDK. PM me for more details, or wirte me to: [email protected]

In my opinion, Leadbolt is the best ad network for advertising your android apps and games. It provides low CPM and high quality ad formats. Better chances of getting your app discovered on app store.
Give it a try -

Which ad network did you end up using ?