Best monetization for me

Hi, I’ve an application with this use:

Start, view news, read news, exit (usually 30 sec. per session).
So I would like to earn money with this app, and I think about 2 interstitial: one at app start, one at app exit.

I think that my users will rarely click on interstitial ad, so are there some Ad Network that pay for interstitial view only?

Hi Crazyr91,

At Airpush, our display ads pay on a CPM basis from impressions on the ads. The associated CPM is determined by the level of user engagement on teh ads along with the country. Our 360 abstract banners would perform well for you with Rich media or HD video campaigns that users want to click. Our smart wall is a collection of various interstitial ad types, including full screen ads, video, dialog, overlay and more. You can either pick the specific ad type you want to use, or let our algorithm pick the best one.

Check out our demo site at Airpush Publisher Demo

PM me if you would like to chat further.

Airpush Nick

Hi, what about:
"Hi, i tried airpush, startapp and admob. Airpush only gives me 1$ for 50k implressions with 0.01-0.02$ eCPM, and startapp is low also… Admob it great! 6-9$ for 24k impressions " in the following thread?

Airpush is not so good 1$ for 50k impressions…

Yes! There is a network that pays significantly high for impressions and ad requests. Try Avocarrot! They use Interstitial ads called “Natural Pause” and Native Ads that pay more compared to other networks. I’ve used Avocarrot for the past month and i’ve got excellent results.

If you really want to know who will generate more revenue for you, I suggest that you try out at least 3-4 ad networks/platforms before you decide. There are some good options our there, and every solution may have a different result in your specific app.

Hey Crazyr91,

If you look at that thread I have posted on there how to publisher can improve their associated CPM. It is a combination of not using the optimal settings by not including all ad types, and their traffic that is generating the low CPMs for them, and other users are experiencing much better results.


Yes but for my kind of users what are the Best Networks I can give a try?

What is ‘your kind of users’? How do we know who they are and what offers they will like more? There is no answer but to test for yourself and find out. There are a number of good networks and platforms out there - Appnext is just one of them. But who’s the best one for you - only by testing them you can find out the answer.

Also, for news apps I always recommend native ads as part of the news feed. If you can work with an API to create native ads, that will generate an additional revenue stream for you.

Mine are users that at least will click on ad, but more probably will only View it.

That is the case for every user around the globe.

And there is no Ad network that pay only per impression and also for click?
MobileCore doesn’t pay for impression and for click. After 236 impression and 27 click in less than 10 hours, I have 0.00 $ earned, so they totally ignore impression and click.

Test different ad networks.If one doesn’t work go for next.At the moment the best performing ad network is [b]Avocarrot[/b] .Its worth to try at least you will end up with few $$ .Signup using my signature and get $30 while you reach $50 earnings using it.I strongly suggest use natural pause ads.

Hi, I’m already registered on Avocarrot, I think I can’t use your referral, isn’t it?
Anyway does avocarrot pay only for impression or also for click?

Often we are wrong with our assumptions. You think that your users will rarely click, but still I would suggest you to give initial test, measure clicks, measure eCPM and revenue and use that information in optimising your revenue. If your users rarely click, focus on ad networks where you can choose CPM campaigns only.

In a week on Avocarrot, I have in average:

1000 impression per day, 25-30 clicks

With that data, are there better ad networks?

Hi crazyr91,

With 1000 impressions a day, you should be generating more clicks. Perhaps the quality of the ads you are displaying is not high enough, or the ads do not interest your users? :eek:

At AdBuddiz, we use the CPI method because it is the one preferred by advertisers (advertisers pay more for installs than impressions). We only use high quality visuals in our ads to make them as appealing as possible, and guarantee a high conversion rate. Also, our machine learning algorithms calculate the best converting ads for your app, so once we have gathered enough data your users will start seeing ads that interest them displayed first.

Have you considered switching to our model? I’m happy to give more information! Just PM me or send me an email: [email protected] :slight_smile:

No one can give me a suggest?

I believe StartApp does this

Try to improve app downloads and get more impressions…1000 impressions very low for any network to work good…you need to have at least 10000 impressions…first concentrate on getting more downloads for your app…If you have some descent downloads then look for revenue…:slight_smile:

Use Appodealor Pollfish(minimum of completed $0.3survey )

Appodealsample revenue of my new app…The app still managed to get this revenue even if the users are from Saudi arabia and Philippines