Best Mobile App Advertising Platform - Affle

Ripple is a cross screen ad network platform, as part of the Affle group headquartered in Singapore. Ripple’s holistic approach based on audience intelligence, objective based optimizations and extensive ad unit portfolio has helped it deliver over 100Mn downloads of top apps on its platform.

Ripple’s core strengths include:

[li]Direct access to inventory through premium and long tail publisher/developer partnerships
[/li][li]Objective Driven Optimizations–through its robust RTB platform connected to leading programmatic supply sources and driven by our in-house ‘Optimizer’
[/li][li]Extensive ad unit portfolio including rich media, video, native and banner ads to maximize ROI for app downloads campaigns
[/li][li]Scale across markets on Android &iOS
[/li][li]Already integrated with leading App attribution platforms to ensure easy tracking on developer/marketing dashboards.