Best Mediation Order?

Hi Everyone,

I notice lots of people asking for comparisons between the 10000000s of ad providers out there. Would it not be better to find out how people are setting up their mediation? ie: The order in which they have providers set up?

I have always stuck with Admob because after testing other providers, they never live up to their name. I have 2 apps, solid $1400 a day, 18k downloads per day. I have had multiple discussions with the Google Admob team and once, was tipped I should be mediating. However, even after 3 years on the store with a solid user base I have no idea where to start! Im tired of the s**t each providers gives when they are trying to recruit developers and wish they would see us as customers. I think its about time there was something in the contract between developer and provider to stop such false claims.

Anyway, I deviate - How are people setting up their mediation structures? Any help would be fantastic.



I’m in the same position as you (only not quite matching those daily earnings!). I’ve began looking into using mediation with AdMob and so far tested Millenial Media. One issue I see already is setting ads to refresh after n seconds causes the whole Activity to flicker - hardly ideal. Moreover, my current eCPM with Admob this month is around $0.11 (I get about 1 million daily impressions) and the eCPM Millenial Media has been able to give me is only $0.05! It makes you wonder whether it’s worth it.

I would like to try InMobi but I can’t get the mediation adapter to work at all. It throws instantiation errors :frowning:

I tried following

inMobi use to work great , no more doing good
mMedia (never live up to promise )
Amazon is worth considering with custom mediation code (but for USA only)

You have not shared your view though , which worked/which are not worth trying /with could be fallback network etc…


Hi Guys,

Since we’re on the topic of mediation I wanted to encourage you to check out AerServ. We have a unique video mediation platform which is plugged into over 40+ top ad networks (Admob, Vungle, AdColony, InMobi, Millennial Media, Etc). With mediation you’re able to effectively monetize your traffic with full global reach.

benefits of our platform:

  • We have Video: Earn up to 10x higher CPM compared to banner.
  • 1 integration gives you access to various ad units.
  • Access to 40+ top ad networks and manage them from one easy to use UI.
  • aerMarket ad exchange: boost your CPM by making ad networks and DSPs bid on each impression!
  • Get paid quicker than Admob (net 45)
  • Max Promotion: Guaranteed $6 CPM for all interstitial units.

To learn more about our mediation platform and Max Promotion check out: AerServ and Aerserv Max

Make sure to capitalize on high paying Q4 campaigns!

[email protected]| Philiptse85 (skype)

About video ads . is AerServ pays for video complete , click or download ? Or is it depends on ad network which came from ?

@metinogtem - If the ads are coming from aerMarket we pay on CPM, user can exit out at any duration. If the ads are coming from AdColony or Vungle it would be on completed view/installs, or whatever the networks payment model is.

Our aerMarket provides pretty competitive pricing as well $5-12 (even higher now in Q4).

Hey Phil,

Just looked at you guys’ site (Mediation Platform - AerServ) for your mediation platform. I know Vungle has been good with video, and did some research on ya’ll that you’re also specializing in that:

Aerserv emerges from stealth, looks to capitalize on the growing power of mobile video ads | VentureBeat | Mobile | by Richard Byrne Reilly

  1. Kudos on your launch
  2. My friend wants to stick with Vungle and give you guys a try, but how is ya’lls pay cycle? I know holidays and outages are in play but we’re looking for someone reliable since we got screwed in the past.


Thanks @AerServ. I don’t have any place for video advertisements within my apps but will make a note for the future. Im on Admob net 30 too. Something I often come across with Ad providers is that they are pitching their services at the people who are making very little middle. I am not Rovio by any means but I make a considerable amount of money where any change in provider is serious stuff!

The pitch makes me lose faith when it is pitched so low. Just a thought and perhaps constructive criticism. There are lots of developers making good money and we are just waiting for someone to come with realistic claims that makes us sit up and listen. :slight_smile:

Hi Anothershade83,

Alot of publishers are using mediation platforms like Mopub, Mocean and AdMarval. With these you can setup your from multiple networks quickly and easily. We just released a Mopub plugin for our Standard SDK along with our new 360 Banner Ads.
Check us out 360 Demo | Airpush | Mobile Ads Redefined

LMK if you have any questions.
Airpush Nick

Hey Roc350,

Thanks, we appreciate it. Yes your friend can certainly still use Vungle and and other of his existing ad sources with our mediation platform. We have an easy to integrate adapter. He will be able to manage his video ad sources from our UI and set priorities in his waterfall ensuring he’s getting highest CPMs and ensuring his impressions aren’t wasted. Feel free to tell him to email me if he has any questions.

Hi @anothershade83,

I agree that changing ad networks or platform is a big decision and you definitely want to find a network that best fits your publisher needs. If you don’t prefer video we also have static interstitial, banners, MRAID banners etc. Also since we’re plugged into 40+ top ad networks you have a huge variety of ad units and alternatives. So even if you’re currently using Admob thats great! The more the merrier. We’re on the publishers side and want to ensure you’re maximizing revenue and fill rate by working with as many ad networks as possible. Admob’s fill rate is great but their CPM is not the best, working with other ad networks making them compete for your inventory results in higher CPMs, with even higher fill rate.

Even publishers that aren’t making significant daily revenue can greatly benefit from mediation. There really is no downside to mediation.

Not sure what you mean by “pitch too low” are you referring to our CPMs?

In any case come check out platform if you’re interested.

Hi all, we are representing a Mobile RTB platform which connected to up to 18 Ad Exchanges worldwide. the platform allows you to bid as low as $0.05, but we will advise you the right bidding strategy according to the winning rate on each country. current case, one of our advertiser who target Indonesia, android, got 53.6K clicks per day with avg CR of 4% in the last 2 weeks and we have more success stories all over the globe. PM me on SKYPE for discussion. cheers!

@KatyL. The refreshing seems strange. On what device are you seeing this? I get an RPM (eCPM) of around $1.60 every day using Admob. Hence why other providers just don’t come anywhere close. It has not always been this way but has increased over time and as the audience built. @AirpushNick - the information we would really like to know is what countries does your service focus on and what fill rates/revenue can be expected. What generally seems to happen is I spend a load of time getting the ads into the app (this includes a LOT of testing as ads DO get in the way and can cause problems across various devices) only to find that I don’t have the necessary information to mediate properly or find the eCPM is so low I shouldn’t have bothered. More solid facts please :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hi Anothershad83,

Airpush is the largest Android only network, and we are connected with several other networks via our DSP. We have ad inventory available world wide.
For tier 1 countries (such as USA, CA, UK, AU etc) we are close to a 99% fill rate with CPMs with our 360 banners and smart wall averaging $1.50 - $4.00+.
For other countries our average fill is 75% and higher with average CPMs between $1-3.

When using our Bundle 1 SDK, it includes a pay per install where you can earn up to $0.02 per new USA user install and EULA opt in along with CPMs on banners and smart wall ($0.002 per other countries world wide), so with that you can earn a minimum of a $2.00 eCPM on the installs along with the same CPMs I mentioned above.

For 3rd party android markets, our Bundle 2 SDK pays up to $0.05 per new user install and EULA opt in world wide at a $50 eCPM.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Airpush Nick

Thanks Nick. Sounds interesting. I have just had a look at your website and notice the Smartwall feature. I am looking for an interstitial replacement but do not want to show video ads - ever. Is there a way to switch this off in the configuration somehow? I am looking for partners who are able to work through the Admob mediation platform - is this possible with Airpush? I notice Airpush pays weekly. Can payments be made via bank transfer to the UK?

Glad to hear your feedback.
You can turn off the video ads from being in your pool of selected sub ad units for the smart wall, or you can call specific ads units.
We are currently working on a server to server integration option with Admob
Just to mention as well, all of our SDKs have call back listeners so if you implement us first, and we are unable to fill a request, you can cascade down to another network.
To get on weekly payments, you need to earn $300 or more a week for 1 month with our Bundle 1 SDK, or $600 a week with our standard, and then payments come every Friday.
Payments to the UK are certainly not a problem.

PM Me your email address and we can chat further.

Airpush Nick

Hey thanks for letting me know. Yeah, with mediation not sure how it can benefit us smaller guys than if lets say I had lots of inventory or working with others.