Best in app ads for apps (not games)?

I started using PPD because my apps always gave bad eCPM´s because they are mostly personalization apps, but now i am trying to move away from PPD.

I tried AppBrain for several months and was not impressed, now trying MobileCore (second time) here the results after 2 days:

Impressions: 7922
Clicks: 34
CTR: 0.43%
eCPM: $0.25
Revenue: $2

Something tells me this won´t get any better, so for what i am seeing MobileCore only seems to convert really good on games/enternaiment apps since i have seen people here getting >$2 eCPM and even more.

So in your experience what´s the best in app network for my apps?

True, PPD simply doesn’t work in non-game apps bcoz users are not looking to get entertained, they simply want something to be done. When you are looking more some fun, you tend to check other apps/games too. Alternatives to PPD are banners, interstitials, audio and video ads and in-app purchase.

For non-PPD, here is my observation:

  1. Banners: if you can get $0.7-$1.2 from any network any country, it is the best.
  2. Interstitials: Around $3 is the best you can get for U.S./EU. For asia, $1-$2 max

your traffic country?

Well while i have traffic from India, Brazil, Indonesia, my top country is USA for almost all my apps getting an average of 20% US users. So i think the problem is not the geo traffic but the demographic that don´t care about games and stuff like that.

I have tried mobilecore and appbrain interstitial. For my apps, the best in-app ads earning for non game is coming from StartApp interstitial only.

that’s strange. Startapp has two interstitial format. Which one you use in your non game app?

I am using the new InApp Ads SDK include a variety of ad units: 3D banner ads, interstitials, 3D OfferWalls and ExitAds

Are these in-app ads purely (not even revenue share) ecpm/ctc based or number of downloads your app brings to other apps shown in banner/inters?

Majority are purely revenue share. I am using it for one single app at the moment.

I have a very good experience in adding advertisements to my applications. Here I am sharing my experience in various Advertising Networks :

  1. Google Admob - $93.23 (in 60 days)
  2. StartAppAdvertising - $104 (in first 30 days ). It also pays referral bonus to every User of $15 and also $10 to each person who refers the other person.
  3. LeadBolt Advertising (Earned 126$ in 30days & 50$ sign up bonus extra). It pays 50$ signup bonus to every new developer. Very Nice. and also it pays $30 bonus for referring a new User to the LeadBolt Advertising.

I would recommend StartAppor LeadBolt. Leadboltoverall is very good.

Thanks. Let me know if you have any queries

gaurav, publishers here are earning $100 per day just like that. Earning $100 per month is no big deal. A below average app can do that with average network

you might just have disappointed a person haha :slight_smile:

I also have some difficulty with ads on non game apps. I have a tool app with 9k DAU and the only network that performs good (or not horrible) is the Admob interstitial with eCPM between €0,5 and 0,8€. Most other interstitials (Startapp, MobileCore, Appflood) are about games and just don’t work for me. Same thing with banners, the best I get is an eCPM of €0,2 with Admob.

Feel free to try appnext out. Our avg ecpm is over $2, and in many cases apps perform higher than games…

Let me know how it does for you.

AppNext doesn’t work for non-game apps. All the offers are for games with 1-2 entertainment apps. Source: I tried it myself.
For non-game apps, one of my app is getting 70% users from U.S. and I see $1-$2 ecpm for banners only from admob. Where as for an app with 70% asian traffic, all I get from admob is $0.05-$0.1 ecpm. So non-game apps can earn well with banners too given the traffic is from tier 1 countries.

Perhaps you can try Admob filtering of ads (I haven’t done that so not sure) - which may restrict ads shown to just that.

Or maybe in the Site/App description if you specified it is in Tools etc. - then maybe Admob does better filtering of what types of ads to show (which may account for better performance).

Well not everyone is earning $100 a day here - it depends on how many apps you have and occasionally for many developers out of 5 or 6 apps, maybe one will be a “hit” and accounts for the majority of their revenue.

Anecdotally it has also been reported here (by David and others) that the “hit” app often is NOT the app they THOUGHT would be their best earner - often-times it is an app they coded fast and was the last app they thought would be “big”.

@javaexp you mind PM me you account email? in the account I found it only shows local tests with 48 imp and 5 clicks.

We recently hit 3000 developers on the platform where the split between games and app is quite similar. ecpms are similar too. apps tend to generate lower revenues just because the DAU is normally lower (less retention and engagement with the apps) but ecpm-wise, we don’t see difference.

Hey EladAppnext - the site is currently down.

I suppose it is only for me… so apologies for that…

I removed Appnext because you calculate ecpm based on installs delivered to you which is not working for my app. Anyways have sent you a PM.