Best distribution sources other than GP?

Is anyone having any success with any other alternative app markets/distribution sources other than GP and Amazon? What about Samsung App Store since it comes with most Samsung devices? I’ve tried Opera and SlideMe with near zero results. Getjar used to be good, but fell off the face of the earth for me. What’s the good word guys?

Just think why would android users go to 3rd party markets when they have play store already installed on their device. China is an exception as google’s services don’t work there.

I tried a ton of stores with my first app and none of them made any difference other than Google Play and Amazon. I never tried getting into the Chinese stores, but my game is an English spelling game so I doubt I’d get any traction. Anyone have any success there?

Some of our clients have tried some Chinese app stores but havn’t had much success because getting a good translation from English to Chinese is very hard and/or expensive. To their population it looks the same as if you saw an app with very bad English , it just makes it seem low quality. Another problem that they run into is that some of the Chinese app stores require a Chinese government ID in order to sign up as a developer.

Samsung Apps used to be decent but nowadays they update their terms so much that you will constantly have to update your apps to keep up with the changing requirements.

Are you trying 3rd part app stores because the Play Store isnt working for you? If you need help getting more exposure in the Play Store, send me a PM and I will help you come up with a marketing plan that suits your budget.