Best converting CPI based network


I’ve just switched from StartApp to SuperSǒnic and I’m getting great conversion rate.

Is there any better alternative? Which CPI network you think convert best and pay highest. Post your experiences.

I have not yet stared with cpi networks. working with only admob atm. but this sounds interesting!

No one else want ti share their experience? Come on

Yes Startapp is give good conversion rate, i also used another smallest ad search network is, its give good offers and have great cpi…

Hi moneyseeker,

At AdBuddiz, we use machine learning algorithms to display the best converting ads first. You just need to keep our SDK integrated long enough for us to gather enough information to optimise the ad flow (this depends on the amount of impressions you send us).

We only run premium, high paying campaigns with attractive visuals. Our lightweight SDK is really easy to integrate, so if you want to test our ads, feel free to sign up on our website.

You can also PM me or send me an email: [email protected] :slight_smile:

i’m always using MobileCorefrom the start!

I week stat: Never heard this network before, I’ll find about it more.

What kind of advertising model you with (CPI/CPC)? How often do you pay?

Hi moneyseeker,

We work on the CPI model, since advertisers pay significantly more for installs than clicks or impressions :wink:

As I mentioned, at AdBuddiz we have a technology that analyses the user behaviour of each app, and displays the best converting ads first. We also stop showing ads that perform poorly, so that our publishers can earn the highest possible CPM without having to worry about manually filtering & optimising the ads themselves.

Our standard payment terms are net 45, but we offer shorter payment terms to publishers with high revenues.

Let me know if you have other questions.