Best Combination

Which do you think is best to incorporate in one app for banners and interstitial ads?
Admob-banners and startapp-interstitial? ?

Overall for me. Admob on both. But I don’t really have games. I have music.

Are you seeing good results from admob? And what’s your music app called?

Admob works on both levels in most cases. Its just good not to have all your eggs in one basket.

Yeah, I had it split for a while. But these networks go back and forth so much. It turned out better to just keep admob. Mmedia would be great one week and then the next it’ll be low.
Greystripe was good one month and then the next would be bad. Admob stays steady.
I would have a bad day and then the next would make it for it.
I put my eggs where I get the most money. No point in wasting traffic.
Mmedia pay is usually great around holidays.
Admob does mediation with most networks so you can’t really lose. Mmedia is back up.

yea when admob shuts your account down for your copyrighted music apps and burns 2 months of revenue for you, you will start thinking about your eggs different.

Yeah when I start doing it illegally. I’ll worry about that. My eggs are safe.
Copyrighted material is never downloadable on my app. Plus I Link to iTunes for affiliate marketing. :slight_smile:
If they shut my app down, it wouldn’t matter what network I have right?
Most of the data is user generated outside of industry music. They are warned to upload only stuff they own.
I still have email support saying, if you would like any music removed please contact us.

Yeah sure, you sound like you got everything figured out. Good luck with that.

Back to topic. Diversify as much as you can, don’t keep your eggs in one basket by working with one ad network.

Thanks… Some us of do know how to make money the right way.
I study what the big companies do. They don’t use all of these crazy ad networks. I don’t use them.

To the author, every app is different. Judy find a combination that works for you. It won’t work the same for everybody

I understand. We all try to play by rules, but… Airpush was once a pretty big company, but 4 months ago Google made new rules and now Airpush is just another 2nd tier network. Apple made new rules and removed Google Maps from iphones… what I am saying is that you need to diversify, always, don’t have all your cash flow riding on one partner.

I understand your point completely. Don’t get me wrong.
But is it really worth it to make less money in the long run waiting for a ban to come or get the most money you can, while you can?
I kept mmedia interstitial out of fear honestly. Making $700 a month average.
Now with admob, I average $1200.
Sorry, I got to take the risk. It’s more rewarding.
I went back to mmedia listening to people on here to keep 2 networks.
But with 5k interstitial views on mmedia I made $10 some days. As low as $6 on others.
On admob I would make at least $30 easy everyday from 5k views.
Nothing last for ever I know. But 2 networks is not worth it to me from experience.

Air push did like icon ads I think. And push notifications. I never depended on that kind of money. Like I said, if the big companies don’t do it. I won’t. I’m trying to be successful like them. I might make less but I won’t have to worry about my apps being banned. I want the steady money not the quick cash.

MMedia pays great around holidays like December, revenue almost doubles all month. On super bowl Sunday revenue almost triples. And Valentine’s day. My revenue is usually double its usual.

But the rest of the year it’s a toss up. $150 today. $40 tomorrow. I deliver consistent traffic. 10k interstitial daily in one app and mmedia dears to give me below $20 some days with that much traffic.


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