Best banner ads?

I am looking to change the admob sdk as I think the earnings are really really shitty.
I get 3000 clicks,and still i make only 100-130$
Which i feel is really shitty.

Edit :Please don’t deviate from the topic. I am looking only for banner ads.
Thank you.

For banner, admob is one of the best. You may look into appbrain or startapp or airpush 360 banner, but I think you need another ad format instead for more earning.

Agreed with Shuiwo.
None of ad networks give better ad revenue for banner ads than admob.
Admob is best for banner ads. Many others like me must have been experienced it. I am sure about it.

If you need more revenue, interstitial ads must help you in that

CAn’t compromise with the UI

How about pollfish?

if you’re solely looking for more revenue I’d suggest using interstitials and video. I’m using a combination of video networks with Aerserv and getting an average of $6 CPM.

As I already said,i can’t compromise with UI.
It has to be banner ads.

Don’t even spend time on looking for another network. You will not find any network that gives you better results than admob for banners. Spend that time for making new apps instead

Well if you use video correctly it wont affect UI. Take virtual currency or incentivized videos for example. User gets some form of currency in return for watching a video. The performance is awesome, users are happy and advertisers are happy…its a win win

Admob banners always pay high. I’d recommend staying with them but if you’re looking to somewhat keep the user experience the same, Airpush 360 banners kinda do that. They’re pretty much a fancy rich media overlay that sits on the bottom of your page. Cpms are higher than regular banners and it’s a nice attempt at doing something different with banners. I just wish they were a bit smaller.

Hi ankit

Why don’t you use interstitial on equalizer screen .so it don’t effect UI.As user uses equalizer rarley.

Mobvista could offer you the customized icon which compromises with the UI,do u want to try?

No but does Mobvista have plans for developers with huge traffic?
Like 1$ guaranteed ecpm for banner ads.
450,000 requests yesterday and 6200 clicks.
Let me know if you offer guaranteed ecpm for all the countries ,not just one or two.

If you’re looking for interstitial banners- Supersonic is currently offering a eCPM of $3 on those.

eCPM of up to $3, or fixed amount of $3?

Fixed amount.

Admob, Notify, and Airpush (In this order) are the best when it comes to banner ads. All three perform very well on the banner front and have great inventory.

I agree with others on here though that say you should try to play with the UI to add more ad units somehow, or perhaps use the money you make from the banners to further promote your app so that you gain more users, and hence increase your ad revenues.

Anyone using Notify here for banners?
please share the stats if any.

I have tried Notify yesterday, but I can not see the stats. When I choose “Stats” section, it just show me the “Quick Start Guide”. I have integrated the ad to my app and the ad show up, but I still can not see how the stats of Notify look like. Wonder if I have made any mistake?

few ad networks take time to update stats in website.
so i will suggest some wait and watch.

please do write back the results whenever you get them.