Best app to monitor android phone

For those who need to know more than the person’s location, the program also records and uploads secret copies of all text messages, emails, photos, and caller ID data of all calls made or received by the phone. Even if the person tries to delete things from the phone - such as incriminating text messages

HelloSPY is an extremely effective cell phone GPS tracking program,” said a spokesperson for the site. "Once installed to the phone, the program is virtually impossible to detect, meaning the person you are tracking won’t ever know unless you tell them they’re being watched. The program then proceeds to record the phone’s exact GPS locations and uploads the data to a secure website for you to login and see 24 hours a day.

I prefer InnovaSPY than Hellospy, because InnovaSPY have high security.

Have many users choose InnovaSPY. Because it works well. I like to use good products, without regard to price.