Best App Rankings Analytics Tool, Site, etc?

What is the best tool (or site) that provides analytics on the top ranked apps in each category?

I use Distimo Monitor, which lets me see how my apps compare with other top ranking apps in the same category. It’ll also alert me if I reach the top trending charts.

Apart from that, AppBrain is always a good bet for general stats & rankings. Anyone got other ideas?

AppAnnie has been around for a while for iPhone applications, but have recently started their beta version for the Google Play too. I’ve registered for an account and had some problems with some verification of my Google Play developer account but now it’s all working. It haven’t got a lot of features yet but I like how they have a matrix to show what apps are most popular in different categories and in different countries etc.

That Distimo Monitor looks good too, I’ll check it out

Any update on AppAnnie? What do you prefer now?

I have to say I prefer Distimo Monitor.
Better ui imho, easier to navigate and I also like that you get the ranking in a graph so you can easily see how your application has gone up and down in the rankings the last week or so…

I also believe that App Annie still does not have all countries included(?) so that makes Distimo better too (you will not know if you for example have gotten into the rankings in Cyprus with AppAnnie). AppAnnie is however also a very good analytics tool and with it you can see the highest ranks for your app and also in how many countries you’ve been in the top 1000, 500 and 100.

But overall I have to say that I prefer Distimo Monitor.

The only thing that bothers me about those services (both appannie and distimo) that they require access to your developer’s account. In Google Play there’s only full access, you cannot grant any user/service a read-only rights. I personally feel quite uneasy that somewhere someone stores a password that can potentially be used to screw up my business completely. Maybe I’m paranoid but that’s how I feel.

I was looking for a service (even a paid one) that would monitor my apps (and competition) in various countries using only publicly available data. Anyone knows something like that?

I agree with you. I won’t give my password to a third-party.

Thanks for the info. Out of curiosity, is there any drawback to signing up with both?

I am a huge fan of AppTrace and AppAnnie. I will defiantly check out Distimo Monitor. Thanks for the suggestion.