Best Android Music Player Apps 2019 Edition

Nowadays, there are many different types of application available on our phone to stream the music. There are music applications like Pandora, Saavn, Wynk, and Gaana and so on. But then again, they all are available only when you have the net connection on your phone. There are some places where the network doesn’t reach and even while travelling the net keeps going and coming back. That’s why we keep music saved on our phones to play whenever we want to. Here in this blog, we are going to tell you about the best android music players that you should have in your phone in case you don’t have any and are finding it difficult to decide on one.

Read ahead to find out more about free applications to download on your Android phone and stream music without any hassle. Read ahead and find out which one matches your preference and download that one free from Google Play Store.

List Of Top 10 Best Android Music Players Of 2018

  1. Google Play Music : Google Play Link
  2. Musicolet Music Player : Google Play Link
  3. Black Player : Google Play Link
  4. Phonograph : Google Play Link
  5. Double Twist : Google Play Link
  6. Shuttle : Google Play Link
  7. Amazon Music : Google Play Link
  8. Musixmatch : Google Play Link
  9. Spotify : Google Play Link
  10. Rocket player : Google Play Link