[Best Android Game Collection]Robo Surf

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What would you do if you were the last robot on Earth? You’d surf of course!
Find the biggest wave and surf far over the flooded surface of the world. Robo the robot collects oil barrels left at sea that will fill up his turbo power. Whoosh! As the turbo is ignited Robo turns into a fireball boosting forward some hundred meters.
Look out for flocks of seagulls – they may end Robo’s ride prematurally. And beware of the five terrors of the sea, lurking beneath the surface.

  • Simple one-touch gameplay to ride the waves, plus swiping for turbo!
  • Play as indie game superstars: Iji and Blueberry Garden dude
  • Fight the five terrors of the sea in intense boss battles!
  • Surf as far as you can or get a quick fix in the additional game mode
  • Many different regions to discover.
    Android platform: For Android 2.0.1 and higher
    [b]Genres: Arcade

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