[Best Android Game Collection]AnimaLines


The highest quality and the art style really are the game’s strong points. Cute animations with tiniest details and smooth physics make AnimaLines very much appealing and endearing.
Build horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of colourful animals – each having its own character and a unique sound – to group them into 5 or more and earn points, try not to fill the board completely. You only win the game when empty the board completely!
AnimaLines is adapted for beginners and kids with a plenty of easier Lines modes.
AnimaLines provides weeks of entertainment for short-burst gamers and dedicated score-chasers alike. Attain the highest score, with the game dutifully keeping track of your previous best. Or choose a time mode to experience the challenge of time-limited pressure.
Tips and Tricks:
Think strategically to win – clearing up the board is a challenge for a person of fortitude!
Look out for new animals appearing in the top right corner;
Touch the Time Mode button to choose a time-limited challenge;
Check out your personal Highscore page;
Publish your best scores on your Facebook wall to make all the world envy your success!
Android platform: For Android 2.2 and higher
[b]Genres: Logic

Screen Shot

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