Best alternative for admob ? (best ad network these days ?)

What is the best alternative for admob ?

I think appodeal is the best right now - unfortunatley it requires admob … this can be bad because everybody knows that google bans accounts very often…

Appnext is also a good one … but the fill rate in Tier2 countries like Iraq, iran, india, brazil, … is very very bad … only good with tier1 countries i think…

Alphagravel is scam i think … have tested them for some days … but almost 0 revenue and 0 ecpm with over 20000 impressions …

I also tried a combination with FAN and applovin … but the results also were not really good !

So is there any network out there which can compare with admob ?
Means with high fill rate and ecpm (also in countries like iraq, india, brazil,…) ?

Unfortunately only startApp offers a minimally acceptable results, but this month has dropped significantly eCPM, like Admob.

AppNext would be the next … (discarding Mobilecore) , although a long way from AdMob and startApp

After much searching and testing I think eventually I will not waste more time testing. :frowning:

This is a terrible thread that you answer your own question and ask people to go for Appodeal

STOP spamming Appodeal

I actually think that Appnext is much better than Startapp, and has been fro over a year now. I used to compare them (50/50, same location). Startapp is out of the top 5, I think.
As for fill rates - I agree, in tier 4 countries Admob seems to be the best - Iran, Iraq, etc. But I see a good fill rate (100%) and eCPM in India and Brazil, in both Admob and Appnext. Always.

Can anyone share competitive analysis of Appodeal against Admob and Appnext? I didn’t try Appodeal yet.

Fill rate in different geos is going to be always bad. You find one network that fills great in place A but is terrible in place B.

The best thing you could do is have multiple networks and/or swap out different networks to see how they perform.

I don’t think you will find this ONE magical ad network.

How about MoPub?
anyone have tried?

Why not skip the mediation networks and do it yourself?
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“I don’t think you will find this ONE magical ad network” THANK YOU! Everyone should know this by now! :cool:

Surprising how many people obviously do not.

With Alphagravel Developers can get a stable income with a guaranteed minimum ECPM, regular payments, and automated access to vast media sources via a simple SDK.
The alphagravel SDK serves as a gateway to multiple advertising networks, ad exchanges so i think its worth useful and best alternative to admob!

Very glad to read this, not sure if still relevant but perhaps you can give some extra info? like what integration you use, which ad unit, the Geo’s you are running, rates etc…

To be honest I can say that Appnext is not trying to compete with Admob (or FB for that matter) and this particular comparison is a bit off (a bit like comparing an elephant to a fly and asking which one is ‘better’) , Admob - being Google - is basically a duopoly in the ads industry alongside FB - and the 2 control well over half of the ad industry (not trying to trash here, just stating a fact). Therefor I think it would be a bit more accurate to compare Appnext to the likes of Startapp, but as mentioned here - the best way to know is just try yourselves.

The important thing to keep in mind when you do try - and guys forgive me for being so obvious here but A LOT of people don’t realize this - is to make sure you compare the SAME integration type, ad unit and Geo (not to mention the same app obviously and whether there’s a frequency cap or additional parameters that can have an impact) as each of those parameters has a huge affect on performance, so while it’s great to compare - it’s also critical that the comparison being made actually makes sense. And as FGL_Rozek mentioned - another thing to consider is fill rate, some developers are OK with low eCPM as long as the fill rate is 100% while others prefer low fill rate as long as it generates high eCPM, fill rate is really one of those things that drastically changes from one company to another so on any case it would be preferable to try different sources in order to really maximize your performance.