Best All God Mantra App to Full Fill your Prayers

All God Mantra

All God Mantra is for all religious people who want to hear all Gods mantras (Om) at a single place.
Om Yoga App is collection of All Hindu God Songs / Chants / mp3 / musik / relax melodies - Offline Mantra

[SIZE=5]Om Mantra:A sacred word or sound or chants or mp3 or musik which helps us to get concentration in meditation.

Wondering how to meditate Om kundalini yoga, we provide solution with kundalini yoga guided meditation music App. It is believed that continuous usage of guided meditation - kundalini yoga and Om mantra gives us spiritual and psychological powers.

It is the only white noise Om yoga App with large collection of all Hindu God songs / mantra / Chant / devotional songs / meditation music / sleep music / sleep sounds / rain sounds / relax melodies / relax melodies with different version. All God Songs / Mantra (devotional songs) is exclusive to all devotees of god, meditation music for kundalini yoga meditation and relax melodies for sleep meditation (sleep music, sleep sounds, rain sounds, white noise) . You can Enjoy kundalini yoga with Mantras / Chants / Songs / mp3 / musik of Different God.

Hearing All God Mantra in every morning gives you peace, mindfulness and reduce your stress and tension.

Hearing Sleep App - sleep meditation (sleep music, sleep sounds, rain sounds, white noise) every night helps to have a mindfulness deep sleep. OM Yoga App allows to use and set God Chants and God wallpapers as device wallpaper and ringtone.


  • Om Mantra repeat for Infinite times.
  • Shuffle mantra musik / Mp3 chants (Play random mp3)
  • Internet in not required, works offline.
  • Set God images as device wallpaper
  • Set Om Mantra as Ringtone
  • Search Om Mantra muisk mp3 songs / Chants
  • Navigate to next devotional songs from Notification bar, no need to open the Om mantra app!
  • Choose different color themes for gayatri mantra App
  • Favourite Om Mantras, chants, mp3 and songs (Create your own Favourite List)
  • Move om yoga meditation music app to SD card (Save internal space when required)

Available Mantras
Datt Bhagavan Mantra
Balaji Mantra
Narayana Mantra
Gayatri mantra 1
Guru Mantra
Guru Nanak Dev Mantra
Hanuman Mantra 1
Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mantra 1
Hey Ram Mantra
Jay Shree Swaminarayan Mantra
Krishna Mantra
Lakshmi Mantra 1
Lord Vishnu Mantra
Maha Kali Maa Mantra
Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra
Om Namashivaya Mantra
Sai Mantra 1
Omkar Mantra
Radhe Krishna Mantra
Sai Mantra 2
Saraswathi Mantra
Shree Chamunda Maa Mantra
Shree Ganesh Mantra
Shree Ganesh Mantra 1
Shree Ganesh Mantra 2
Shree Kodhiyar Maa Mantra
Hanuman Mantra 3
Baba Mantra
Durgai Mantra
Ganesha Mantra
Gayatri mantra 2
Hanuman Mantra 2
Hare Rama Hare Krishna Mantra 2
Kubera Mantra 1
Kubera Mantra 2
Kubera Mantra 3
Lakshmi Mantra 2
Maham Mantra
Om Mantra
Ragavendhra Mantra
Rama Mantra
Shiva Mantra
Subramanya Mantra
Venkateswara Mantra
Ganapathy Mantra
Om Namo Narayanaya Mantra [User Request]
Sri Venkatesa Suprabhatham - M S Subbulakshmi [User Request]
Mahishasura Mardini
Kantha Sasti Kavasam
Sudharsana & Narshima Mantra [User Request]
Shree Ram Jay Ram Jay Jay Ram [User Request]
Kantha Guru Kavasam
Kala Bhairava Mantra 1
Kala Bhairava Mantra 2
Ganesha Pancharatnam
Ayyappa Mantra 1
Ayyappa Mantra 2
Ayyappa Mantra 3

Storage permission is used to set “Mantra as Ringtone” and set “God image as Wallpaper”.
To set Ringtones to specific contacts, we will require “android.permission.READ_CONTACTS” permission.

We will be adding new om mp3 mantra songs frequently. If you do not find the required om meditation musik mantra mp3 songs, Submit or Request om meditation music Mantra mp3 songs / chant mp3 kundalini yoga devotional songs from the app. We will add them soon for you!

*We will add Christian music mp3 Mantra songs, Muslim music mp3 Mantra songs also in the upcoming spiritual updates.