Best Ads Networks for Kids Games??

Hi, some people said Admob is not good for Games, so which ads networks provide best revenues for games?? Especially the Kids games??



Anyone knows?

u can try my new floating ad which is like a banner on top . if u are interested please pm me so that i can give u a demo app, and then if u are interested i can give you the integration guide and sdk

check eomobi Mobile Ad Network and contact skype: guoqing1988101

Any real reply??

I think chartboost might be the best option for you…

Stay away from traditional ad networks, since most of them have absolutely no control over the kind of ads they show…

For Chartboost, do you know what is the average eCPM for games?

The eCPM’s would vary from game to game. Since yours is a kids game, the user behavior would be quiet different from other games. You will have to try them out and decide for yourself if it is working out for you.

Or use IAP. My niece recently bought thing in games for real money (I had it set up so it doesn’t ask for password on both my Android and iOS tablet, fortunatelg it weren’t large sums). She bought a hat for the frog in Cut the Rope for 1 euro. Virtual hat. For 1 euro.

I think you’re trying to answer a question that is not as general as you might think. There are a lot of ad networks out there that can supply you with ads and I can guarantee all of them will say they’re perfect for your app. But to be perfectly honest, it’s not a one ad network and it’s done type of deal. You must constantly watch the change in eCPMs with all different networks, be advised on which campaigns are coming down the pipe, and ultimately - work with the networks you are most comfortable with. The major companies hire individuals to do this on a full time basis!

Here are a few solutions that may help:

  1. You must keep testing and testing - this will take most of your time. Try as many ad networks as possible to see which work best for you.
  2. There are different ways to monetize through ads: standard 300x15 banners (most common), 300x250 interstitial ads (better eCPM but less inventory), video (usually the same amount of inventory as interstitials) , native advertising (least common but usually highest yield - you need to do a little extra work). My company for example prefers all of our partners to go native because we actually allow you to keep your existing banner revenue. Overall increasing your total app revenue by sometimes 50% - 75%.

I know it’s not the answer you want to hear but it’s a grind and you have to go through some of the pains as everyone else to see what really works for you. I obviously would love you to give us a shot - at the very least, I’ll personally download your app and give my feedback on how to increase your profitability overall - including the ad networks you already work with. You can find us in my signature at the bottom.