Best AdMob Alternative

Well I am not sure if this is the right forum for this so I apologize in advance if it is not. Recently Google Suspended my AdMob account for no warning and no reason. The login page tells me it was suspended for invalid click activity… fairly sure a competitor just clicked repeatedly as I did nothing other than add a new app recently… anyways I would like to know the best alternative to admob, that won’t offend the google play terms of use? Is anyone getting decent payouts with another Ad Provider??? Please help My income was hit pretty hard by this… Thank You.

Leadbolt, Millennial Media, Tapjoy (depending on your ad format and not in any order).

has anyone made any big income report with using millenial media … ?

I’ve got quite good revenues from MoPub’s Marketplace. But my biggest earners at this stage are LeadBolt and Tapjoy. The “App Wall” format from both of these networks work really well.


yeah, AdMob is a great platform and it is difficult to find the worth app monetization alternative. It is bad that they suspended your acc(
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