Best ad solution for banner ads ?

I’m currently using Admob with a simple banner in my app. I’m having 15k impressions per day, and about 3$ income for that.

Can you please share your experience in banner ads ? What ad network works best for you guys, in term of income, without sacrificing the users experience (intrusive ads, slow to download or huge space taken ect.).

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

I am using Mopub as a mediator, and showing banner adverts from Millennial, Leadbolt, inmobi, jumptap, admob (not in that order).

Thanks for your answer.

Can you give me an idea if you can about the gain in revenue I should expect from using Mopub rather than only Admob ?

Also, are the banners from all theses networks the same size and type ? do they need a validation click like Admob now ?

It depends on your CTR. Typically it will be several times.

Admob: $0.20 eCPM
Other: > $0.40 eCPM

K, thanks, I might try it in my next app update…

I have been researching a lot on finding best ad solution for android apps and my observation till now is:
A single ad network can never meet all needs like best cpm, cpc and fill rate. Neither can a single ad mediation network meet all needs. Keep experimenting. There are whole lot of ad networks out there which have fill rate lower than admob and can serve ads only for specific countries traffic. Best bet seems to be using multiple ad networks in your app and try optimizing for cpm, cpc and fill rate. Needs effort on your part. No direct shortcut.

That statement also applies to other ad units. It’s all about the numbers.