BEST ad service to monetize my app

Hello everyone!
I am in the final stages of production of my game for IOS and Android. To gain publicity for it, I have spoken about it on Public Forums, Posted articles on social media, spoke to public media(A newspaper article was done on it) and had a few shout outs from a lot of companies who make games and individuals who are quite famous and hence have gotten the word out to what we approximate as about 5 million people.
Now I have a question. I am very new to this and am really confused when it comes to ads. I was initially looking at banner, because I don’t like the idea of cost per click and would rather be paid per impression.
Now my game is one in which the player would die a lot. It would be really annoying to have a full screen ad(interstitial?) pop up every time he dies. Yet, if it doesn’t pop up to often, I will not receive much, as it is not making many impressions. Again, I liked banners as they would be on the screen the entire time and would hence make many impressions, but I read that banners are now paying very little.
I’m estimating some figure around 500k+ active users per day after the second month. I have really studied game ideas from a marketing point of view and came up with the most unique and crowd attracting idea, and hence am confident in this number, extremely so. Now I wanted to figure out if there is any way I can make 2k+ dollars per day with the app. I am not putting IAP’s in the app. What ad company and service do I use to make at least 2000 dollars per day from my app? any advie? preferable from someone who has made these or larger numbers. Again, I dont want video ads or interstitials popping up every time the person dies, as this would be REALLY annoying; the person will be dead more than alive. Also, is it smart to make an ad free paid version for 1,50$ ? Please let me know
Thanking you
Derek P

Hey @derekphisher have planned any monetization strategy? The way you describe your app seems that having a monetization strategy with virtual goodies within your app may end up to some good number. So for example when you have a death in the game user will have to buy at some point some virtual coins to be able to continue playing. This way you may capitalize upon ads without being intrusive.

Hey andreasv!
I’ve actually specifically designed my game not to have IAP’s. I plan to only make the money through ads, and hence am looking for the best plan/combo to do so

hmmm, if you will not follow an IAP approach nor a virtual currency within your game then it is clearly dependent of the structure of your game. Intercepting app’s flow and game play is one of the biggest mistake in monetization. One advice I would make is to serve ads to the user based on his mood. So if you show an ad, let’s say an interstitial when a user is happy (user has passed a level, or on leaderboard page) this can bring the best conversions to your app.

I COMPLETELY agree with you. The last thing I want to do is drive the players away with ads. Since there are no levels and it is an infinite runner- I believe this would be my ideal option-
To have one full screen ad pop open every time the player opens the game. They should be able to shut it immediately. Here I will be charged just for them to open it(impression- I believe it pays quite a bit). Then WHILE THEY PLAY there is a banner on top. This can be per impression or per click- I really don’t care. Then, every 10 times the player dies, another full screen ad pops up which again they can shut, and I should(again) be able to earn from this without the having to click on it.

There will be at LEAST 6 digit figures of impressions made per day, and majority of them from the USA. My question NOW is can anyone here recommend the best way to integrate the above plan into my game? Which companies will be the most profitable according to my plan, number of impressions and my user location. I’m trying to earn about 2k dollars per day with this plan. Is it possible?

Anyone here who has already done so? Anyone with expertise? Please let me know.


Hey Derek, I believe you should list it as simple as that to get the best responses:

Best network for US traffic for:

  1. Banner ads
  2. Interstitials

Generally speaking I would suggest you invest on your royal users and not users that first use your app. One of the most important things is retention. So I agree that you sort out some sort of algorithm that you show these interstitials only after several times of usage within your app just to bother only royal clients and not drive away people just trying your app. If you have a good content in your game your loyal users will be more tolerant to ads.

Yeah I was looking for a definite response- which WOULD be the best service specifically and is it possible to show the ad every 10 deaths and according to these conditions how likely is it to be paid and how much(just a general range)?

I can share with you a strategy from example from a game app we have on our network. This app shows a survey every 15 times a user has opened the app and with probability of 50%. So half of the times he is showing a survey from Pollfish and half of the time an interstitial from another ad network. This way he is investing on his loyal users and since he has high traffic he gets very good money from the platform with not a single bad rating nor affecting his retention rate.