Best Ad network in these days?

I was using StartApp and Admob in back days they were performing very well. After a break I started again development. I have noticed startapp now sucks very low revenue. Can someone suggest good well know network? What about mobilecore?

Mobilecore - sucks
Airpush - good but not like in the past
Startapp - sucks
Appodeal with admob - good but unstable for me
adtoapp - some new network, mediation, like appodeal

Try Smaato and mMedia. Very good ecpm, especially for US try this with best to both. I have earned 50$ from MC within 1 week.

Appnext is doing much better than Mobile core these days, and more than admob as well.
Startapp - game over, i’m affraid…

Is it a game or an app?

For games I suggest:

For Apps:

I suggest

About Mobilecore - I think it sucks

Are you from adsota…every thread you are posting about adsota and mentioning some other networks ?

Is appnext performing better? What is their eCPM now?

Not for me… Don’t get me wrong, appnext is an amazing, HUGE ad network, love their support and clear dashboard… But in terms of revenue they are doing terrible for me… For 5 or 6 times in a short period of time they paid me 17 cents for providing installs… I think 17 cents is not acceptable for an install… For a click, it’s OK, but not for an install… Of course my audience was not tier 1, it was mostly from Mexico in that time (tier 2 I think), but with mobile core I get 1 ~ 3 dollars average for each install… But test and see for yourself, maybe I had no luck… Also, in past months appnext was providing me a good ecpm, but they start to give me 17 cents, so I have to change…

this is very true in bad geos, totally unacceptable, there needs to be a min bid of .50 - 1 usd., you can’t basically give away installs to companies.

I would like to suggest 2 things:

  1. Our dashboard now allows you to set a minimum bid. So, if you don’t want low-paying installs, you can block them out.
  2. Try updating to our new SDK, which is, in fact, a video Interstitial. CPI bids are higher anyway, but, as I explained on item number 1 - you control it.

In the end, we have to deliver a good eCPM or revenue per impressions/requests, the rest is just talk… Our dashboard and me are here to help you do that.

17 cent ?? 5- 10 days ago i got many many times 0.07 cent per install!!! And on many countries including italy, mexico, brasil and I never saw a 0.7 + revenue from and install even tier 1 country. Oh yeah I saw it at the begining on the first week when you join them and they want you to stuck with them so they basically give you 10 times the actual revenue. On the first week I even got payed 5.1$ for an install lol! Now average is 0.2$ per install and NEVER goes more than 0.5. The ecpm for the native ads that I’m using is a terrific 0.24$ . These days I’ll return back to avocarrot , at least they have a stable 1.2 ecpm - with lower fill rate but at least is 6 times more than appnext. Today I’ll try to block the low paying ads and see what happen

@jonathan Is there chance you work with heyZap mediation…heyZap working well for me any chance of adding Appnext to heyZap mediation…

there is always a chance… Let me look into it. I need to involve the IT team to do that. It will also help if you asked HeyZap to allow it.
Will update when this becomes possible.

Thank you Jonathan. That’s what I’m talking about. Great support. For now I will continue testing other ad networks, but in the future there’s always a chance of going back to appnext. Minimum bid is a great feature.

Try PropellerAds Media

@NokiaDev, Is there any way to limit the display Heyzap ads? Because for me Heyzap has lower ecpm than Admob.

I don’t think we can limit the ads…you are saying HeyZap has lower eCpm …hayZap automatically detect higher eCpm so in your hayZap has highest eCpm(which is less) than others may be…

Maybe HeyZap has higher ecpm, but HeyZap pays only for installs. So I have many displays, but no revenue.