Best Ad Network in China

I am planning to publish several apps on china market. May anyone can suggest me a good ad networks for China market?

How about Millennial Media? or any others?

I am an Chinese developer, I’m using Appflood to exchange traffic. They tell me I can sell my China traffic and get seaside traffic. I have used half month, in recent days, I generally get 210 installs per day and publish 80 installs. And they tell me they just open CPC type ads, I think if I can sell CPC and earn CPI, it may much more benefit for me.

Appflood is ok, but I have done better with mmedia and the best with Airpush in China so far. What type of apps are you publishing?

in what markets do you publish? and do you get high download numbers

As I’m exchanger, the installs I can get is limited. I set non-targeting, and get the most 50% North America, secondly from Southeast Asia and middle east.

wow, the non-targeting installs look great, if 50% from US, it can be a high cost performance deal.

Hi Stephany,

Appfloodis based in China, we have resource with the local Android app store and the biggest mobile Operator China Mobile. Here is a blog you can get a knowledge about China market. 10 App Stores in China You Really Ought to Be On.


Thanks, AppFlood is good in icon ads, notification ads, interstitial… but no banner. Actually I am looking for banner ads network in China.

Anyone using millennial media for apps in China?

I have try some of them. Nearly all require Chinese mobile phone (binding), Chinese ID … So can not register account to upload app.

Hey Stephany, I work for AppFlood and we do have banners. If you are interested you could PM me your email and I’ll have an account manager get in touch with you. Otherwise [email protected] can help out. We are pretty strong on China due to most of our team being located here.

@KaitlinM, do you have any presence in the neighbor of China ( I mean India :slight_smile: )?
Also pls. share some guide for appflood integration using mopub mediation.

I just checked with the product team for some stats on India. We have 20k+ clicks per day there, with bid prices ranging from $0.24 to $2.30 per install.

Unfortunately we don’t have mopub mediation at the moment.