Best Ad Network for Native Ad's with Good eCPM ?

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I have an App with descent Traffic and planning include Native Ad’s in it. Please suggest me few good and Trusted Ad Network’s for it.


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Appnext has great Native ads, I tried them myself. Avocarrot is also very good.
however… in native ads, the eCPM really depnds on how and where you place the ads, and less on the network. although good netwroks can help suggest good implementation.


Thanks for your suggestions, Have you trued Avocarrot ? I have seen in their Site. They are only with Native Ad’s.

Avocarrot is for sure the easiest to implement in a listview or gridview. If that your case, you should try them first.

AppNext native ads pay per installs? can you compare their ecpm with avocarrot in your case? (assuming the same placement)

Appnext always pays for installs.
Unfortuntely I didn’t put them in the same place. Maybe I should have. Both were good (Appnext native ads are still in my app). Native ads should also be easy to use, so check who’s SDK/API is more simple for you to use.

Both companies have good support which, like I said many time in the past, is the most important thing for me. And it’s even more important when you are experimenting with native ads.

Hi @vijay,

I think you should try Avocarrot native ads. We specialize in native ads technology providing in-feed native ads, in-list native ads, native interstitials and custom native ads. Also recently we have developed the ad sources management which gives you full control on the ad sources that power the native ads in your apps. This feature release contains a number of goodies including configurable bid floors for the Avocarrot Exchange, a server-to-server mediation with 3rd party ad networks, ad category blocking and a premium real-time bidding exchange for the high performing apps. You can learn more about the ad sources management here.

You can send me a pm if you want to discuss more about native ads integration in your app and answer any question that you may have.


Avocarrot pay for what? install or click?


Phunware has Native ads units available with CPC, CPC and CPA campaigns. We have ability to turn off / on each type per app as well.

Phunware Nick

Do you have a MoPub adapter?

We have mediation solution built into our sdks already.

Please PM me your account if you sign up to test us out.
Phunware Nick