Best AD Network for interstitial ads


witch Ad Network has the best eCPM for interstitial ads?


Hi DrChopper,

Have you tested out Airpush for your interstitial ads? Our smartwall is a collection of various interstitial ad types, including full screen ads, dialog ads, video, overlay and more. You can either choose specific ad type to call, or let our system pick the best ad to show based on users country, internet connection, level of engagement on the ads, etc.

The average CPM for the interstitial is $2-3+ world wide. You can review our demo site here Airpush Publisher Demo and PM me to chat further.

Airpush Nick

Hi DrChopper,

At Supersonic eCPM for interstitials starts at 3$. Our lightweight SDK supports beautiful interstitials, offerwall and rewarded video with free video ad mediation! Our self serve platform allows you to control your campaigns and budgets. You should definitely try us out! Pm me if you want $100 credit to use on our platform once you sign up. You can sign up here.


Our static interstitial range from $1.50-$4.00. We also have full screen video interstitial which range from $4-9. You can easily access our demand while tapping into various other top ad networks on our platform as we support over 30 ad networks which are mainly via S2S. It’s never been easier to implement and try new networks. Try AerServ mediation today!

Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.


try startapp or appmext for banners
for native ads interstritials try avocarrot

You can try Mobilecore in your apps for interstitial ads.They are performing well on my apps with weekly payment and no fees.
My last 7 days result with mobilecore -Result

Wow… Starts at $3 eCPM… Is that guaranteed? :slight_smile:

I am actually interested to see if someone can post their supersonic’s result here. Guaranteed $3 seems very good.

Anyway, my recommend ad network for interstitial is in my signature.

Yep! Currently our eCPMs for interstitials start at 3$- guaranteed. :slight_smile:

what are the fine prints ?

I really reccomended [b]->>AppoDeal!<<- [/b]

I can suggest you Appodeal. My favourit mediation platform which integrates many ad networks to serve ads based on revenue.

They give an awesome eCPM as you can see in my last income report:

They have interstitials, video interstitials and banners for every developing platform.

I’m happy to switched to them.
It pushed my income with my app business enormously, hope yours too.

dont try startapp or appnext or leadbot all off them very low i try airpush and ecpm is well

Low eCPM because your users are not interested with the ads and they don’t download it. Even you try all CPI ad networks your eCPM will be low…

Airpush is CPM network so you will earn from the impressions and clicks unlike CPI…

because they serve same 3 ads every day

Hi DrChopper,

At AdBuddiz, we are specialised in high paying, high quality interstitials. Our ad solution allows publishers to display the ads in strategic locations, so that they can generate the best possible CPM - instead of spamming users with ads that they do not want to see. We use machine learning algorithms to optimise the ad flow & revenue (best performing ads will be displayed first, etc.).

We are currently running many high paying campaigns, and see really good CPM figures among our publishers. Many are earning well above $3 CPM :wink:

If you want more information, feel free to visit our website or send me an email: [email protected]