Best ad network for interstitial ads (tested)?

Hi I am thinking of monetizing my game with interstitial ads and I am searching for the best ad network for interstitials.

I would love to hear some suggestions of ad networks that you have used that provide the best results and be 100% compliant with google play ad policy.

Choose 2-3 networks from this list:
Admob (not for app launch)
Mobile Core

(I’m using mostly Appnext).

Best option - try all 4 of them, and then decide which one or two work better and stick to them.

Good choices except of admob (low performance for me). I would suggest to use mediation for the rest.

You can choose any of them
PropellerAds Media
I personally worked with PropellerAds Media. They are good CPM rate for interstitial ads. If you are getting traffic from USA, Canada and Europe, you can make good money with them.

What about HeyZap with Chartboost?

I’m currently using Heyzap with Chartboost/Admob, they say the find automatically the best network to serve the ad based on some intelligent system, but in my opinion all what they do is to serve their own ads, i’m getting less than 1000 impression on chartboost, even if I belive chartboost’s ecpm is better than heyzap’s one, they prefer to serve their own ads.

so basically, I just changed ecpms manually today to smth like this admob>chartboost>heyzap and i hope to see good results tomorrow, otherwise i will forget about the mediation and work on making my own code to mediate chartboost+admob ( the best 2 networks out there )

Thanks guys for your suggestions. A good practice is to test networks one by one or to start with mediation?

looking forward about your results I am interested for chartboost

Hi Bobookerpo,

Have you tried us at Airpush? Our smart wall ad type is a collection of several in app interstitial ad types, including full screen ads, video, dialog, overlay ads and more.

Our Standard or Bundle 1 SDK are both 100% Google Play compliant, with solid CPMs world wide.
Check out our ad unit demo site here Airpush Publisher Demo

Shoot me a PM to chat further.

Adsota (you can find it by googling “ads.appota”)

I have errors implementing Avocarrot and I am not able to use it.
Someone here has same problems?

Try to look in their Troubleshooting section, most of the errors/solutions are explained there

I did it yet and found my problem.
But their solution doesn’t work :frowning:

what’s your problem?

This one: E/Avocarrot: [ERROR]: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError com.avocarrot.androidsdk.Carousel

and I have imported correctly recyclerview (I did it two times from scratch to be absolutely sure)

I had the same problem before but importing the recyclerview fixed it for me…

Hi Bobookerpo,

Have your considered including AdBuddiz on your list? We are specialised in high-paying premium full-screen interstitials. You can use our solution in parallel with other ad networks, to test how it works. Since we are reluctant to display ads when the payouts from advertisers are too low, my suggestion would be for you to display our ads first, and fall back on other solutions afterwards. This way you’ll maximise earnings per install & fill rate. By the way, some of our campaigns also pay per impression :wink:

We have over 15 000 publishers in our network and are 100% Google compliant. The integration of our SDK is really easy; only 2 lines of code to paste. We also provide support 6 days a week :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to email me for more information: [email protected]

Hello Bobookerpo,

I suggest you to join Adzonal .com, good CPM rates and ontime payments

i have the same problem

You can consider incentmobi, a fast growing network. we pay $60 for every 1000 new installs on a weekly basis. any Andrioid apps are welcomed to intergrate our SDK.