Best Ad-network for India

My new game is getting 2k downloads daily…mainly from India…
currently I am using appwiz(full) + airpush banner and making a revenue of $22+$5 per day…
any better suggestions…thanks a lot

I read on some blogs that Applovin works good for India but they are CPI network, also a lot developers reports that Inmobi works good in India. What eCPM you have with Airpush banners in India?

Thanks for the replay…:slight_smile:
my airpush eCPM is $0.86…banners are shown before gameplay…ie during menu and level selection…
do you think inmobi or applovin would do better?

My search for a network for Indian traffic may save some time for you:

appbrain - very poor sdk
mmedia - poor earnings in india
applovin - optimizes on installs and not just impressions/clicks. Good for high user base apps only
adgoi - only sites, no apps. - no immediate approval
adiquity - no immediate approval. sdk throws NPE.
vibrant - no account approved immediately
admob - good for filling impressions but bad earnings from India
airpush - good fillrate and earnings from all over the world

the results @javaexp almost exactly mirrors my experience with ad network testing in india.
the best by far are Airpush and Inmobi for India and in fact most of Asia. @javaexp you should try inmobi too, i don’t see it on your list. within your list airpush is the best though i agree.

is taking me(or the user) directly to some play store page without dialog box or appwall…isn’t that against some play store policy!!

This is regarding airpush right. This got me some bad reviews and before it could do more harm, removed smartwall and going ahead with airpush banners only.
@kingdroid, will try Inmobi too, I thought it would be similar to mmedia.

Top $$ for me historically in India is (1) airpush (2) inMobi (3) millennial … but that (3) is a way distant third.