Best ad network for girl games?

I’m converting my flash games (makeover, dressup, etc) into native apps (android and ios).

I’ve put admob into the ios versions and leadbolt into the android versions.

These are my numbers so far (1 week):

  1. Admob (1 interstitial):
  • ecpm: $0.74
  • CTR: 1.09%
  1. Leadbolt (1 interstitial + exit ad):
  • ecpm: $0.23
  • CTR: 6.51%

Everybody told me admob is not good for games but for me they are performing better than leadbolt.

What’s your experience? Are there better networks for (girl) games than admob or leadbolt?

your ecpm will depend on traffic country… but I would suggest trying chartboost and revmob for games. Maybe mobilecore

Over the traffic country, you can’t compare Android with IOS…but this is not your case because generally the revenue is bigger on iOS

I agree it’s totally depend upon the traffic country, results may vary.