Best Ad Network for Banner/Interstitial Ads So Far?

Hi,I am really tired of using certain ad agency/network and would really like to know from experienced users in this forum that Which ad network is best so far for banner/Interstital Ads? I am from India and I would like to try good ad agency ie worth to try and Ofcourse must be 100% Compliant with Goofle Play Policy though i lost few app trusting to certain ad network which they claimed/promised that its 100% Compliant and hence i lost almost good personalizaton apps and am afraid to use certain ad network since.So i would like most experienced users in this form to help me choose best ad network for categories like personalization,entertainment,education and games(like trivia,word,puzzle etc).

I have good results with AppNext, AppLovin, AdBuddiz and Chartboost at the moment. My traffic is mainly from France. I do puzzle / word games.

Best overall is AdMob. If they don’t ban you that is.

There is no certian answer for this question. But as far as I’ve experienced AdMob is the best. However, sometimes other ad networks can provide better eCPM’s in some countries if you don’t want to miss this opportunity you should use Ad Mediation. AdMob supports ad mediation with many ad networks. Using mediation can help you because you don’t have to decide which to use. Ad Mediation decides for you and you will allways get highest eCPM.

Thank you for your suggestions.I have bad experience with admob and admob do show dating sites add which is of High maturity.I tried AppNext.But haven’t tried rest.

You can use VSERV. I have been using for the the last 5 to 6 months and the earnings has been fantastic from India. Thhere is 100% fill rate for Indian traffic. The ads are really attractive, well done and targeted. The revenue fluctuates a bit from one day to another but average monthly earnings make up for it. My only gripe with them is the NET 60 payment terms.

All payments are sent through NEFT and hits your bank account within an hour or two of being sent.

whats your ecpm for india (intersitial ads)

It is quite less at $0.03. Use VSERV when nothing else is working.

We invite you to try We have excellent fill rates and eCPM for global traffic. Since we are based in India, we can deliver almost 100% fill rate and the best eCPM for Indian app inventory. Your inventory automatically gets listed on our RTB exchange as well, where we have more than 20 leading DSPs bidding and you get paid on CPM.

Send me a PM if you need more info.