Best Ad Network for average apps (not games)

Hi guys! I searched the forum but couldn’t find an conclusive answer to this.
What would be the best ad network, based on revenue of course and of pay-model (CPC or CPI), for some day to day applications for every age (ex. dictionary, news, horoscope etc.)

I saw that mobilecore, startapp, mobvista have ads just for games (at least this is what I saw in my coutry), and the people over 25-30 years old may not be in search for games anymore.
For now, in my simmilar day to day apps I see that the admob is the most used and the most diversified (it have game ads but also alot of app ads) but I heared from many places including on this forum that they dont pay very well (only if you have huuge apps you may feel something in your pocket)

Also what would you suggest to use: banner, interstitial or maybe stickeez? The banner is ugly and it don’t pays well but it’s also not that irritating as an interstitial (in my opinion) that pops out exactly when you’re reading an article or searching for a word. On the other hand the interstitials rule in terms of revenue, not talking about the stickeez :smiley:
I know I have to A/B test them alot but maybe you know some shortcuts to save some time :slight_smile:


Hey Alex,

If you’re searching for an ad network that works for average and non-game apps, you can try mkMob( We have Ads using CPC, CPM and also CPI in many countries and we’re currently seeking publishers. We pay NET 30 with great fill rates and eCPM.

Setting up is easy too, you can use our light SDK, JavaScript or Server to Server API(Not many networks offer JS or Server to Server API These days. They all want you to stuff your app with heavy SDKs). Please PM me and I’ll get you setup or give you more information :slight_smile:


Since I’m developing games I can’t really tell which ad network is appropriate for you beside admob but most developers don’t user admob because they have been banned but if you want to try banner ads I thinks your best shot is admob.
You can also try some mediation networks like mopub and try different networks with them.

Hi Alecstheone,

Just wanted to suggest testing our Airpush. As you said banners are not highly engaging or typically pay well. Our new 360 banners are more engaging and cooler looking that traditional banners, and perform 5 times better for publishers. Our smart wall is a collection of in app interstitial types such as full screens, overlays, videos and more.

Our Bundle 1 SDK also includes a pay per download where you can earn up to $0.04 per new USA user install and EULA (end user license opt in) along with CPMs on impressions from the ads.

Check out our demo site at Airpush Publisher Demo


We’d love to work with you as well. Be sure to contact us in order to set up a test and ensure proper integration of our ad units. We can tailor the ad experience to your liking.

All the Best,

Thank you for your responses. I was hoping fore more neutral responses/advices ragarding the ad networks that are most suited to basic day to day applications and the preferred ad type in these situation.

@AirpushNick I tried airpush but I hate the fact that at the start of the app the user must confirm that eula wich in other networks dont appear. I know its a way of privacy but it seems for me and my users really confusing and there’s no way to get rid of it!
I haven’t used the other 2. I’ll read further more and I might give them a try :wink:

Hey Alec

Thanks for the feedback. I do understand from the publishers point of view the EULA agreement, but we provide it for enhanced Google Play compliance and to give transparency to your users on the data being used to serve ads. Many users do appreciate being given the option were other ad networks that do not provide the option do not.

Hope you will give us another try and see the performance for yourself :slight_smile:

Airpush Nick

Anymore thoughts? I’m sure I’m not the only one around here who pblishes normal apps (NOT GAMES)

hello @alecstheone, you can also have a look at Pollfish. Pollfish can be user along with your current ad networks just to boost your revenue.