Best ad network for Australia ( Not AdMob )

Well after my pre-Christmas divorce from Admob I went back to the UK and spent Christmas with my folks.
I now realise that Admob kicking me out and taking the cash wasn’t the end of the world and got over it.

Now I need to change to a new ad provider. My app is 100% based in Western Australia so any provider has to have good coverage here,

Any suggestions/experience to share?

My initial thoughts were with Millennial Media, but their approval system / general web site seems a bit flaky ( the page for sending support requests comes up blank! ) :confused:

Looking for Banner ads in the main,


Hello @clarkap, you should have a look at Pollfish. I am one of the founders of Pollfish and there is a high inventory pending from the platform but lack of distribution. So if your user base is at Australia you should consider integrating Pollfish.

I would say all the usual suspects have good inventory in Australia, like they do in the other Tier 1 countries (US, Canada, UK, etc). Appnext is definitely one of those networks. Let me know if you want to know ore details.