Best Ad Network for a news-app (all Italian users)?

Hello everyone,

I have 2 Android app, both on Google Play and one of them already has a decent amount of traffic:

  1. The first one is a news app, it gives daily sports news and articles
  2. The second app is a community, with Q&A, a kind of small social network. It has just been born and I have not a suitable traffic to evaluate it yet.

Both apps have all Italian users (almost 99%), so I have to find a strong adnetwork with good ads for Italy.

With the first one I have tried Airpush, StartApp and now I’m checking Admob. Only with same formats: interstitial on launch of app, and standard banner fixed on the bottom.

These are data of Google Analytics:
Daily pageviews: 1500
Daily users: 300

  • I have received good results with Airpush (but their ads often were too invasive so I left)
  • With StartApp some mixed and fluctuating performances (good a day, bad the day after and so on). Making an average (with 300 daily users and 1500 daily page views) I received every day 2,54$ (so even a little 'more than Airpush) => CPM=1,69$ and CPMusers=8,47$
  • With Admob, I am using it for 10 days about, I got 0,68$ CPM

What do you advise me then? Have I to go back to using startapp? Or there are more profitable adnetworks for Italian market?

Hi jonny91,

Are you sure showing an interstitial at the launch of the app is the right solution for you? You are perhaps more likely to generate installs if the ad appears after your user has spent some time on your app (when they may feel more ready to leave the app and install another one). If you PM or email me the app links I am happy to give you my suggestions on where to place ads: [email protected]

I work for AdBuddiz, where we have inventory for Italy and the standard eCPM for apps with decent amount of traffic is around $3. Our focus is on clean advertising: high quality ads with beautiful visuals. We have also just launched our premium video ads (rewarded and non-rewarded) that we expect to raise the eCPM for everyone :o

Hi jonny91

Have you considered using native ads in your apps? Both your apps categories (news and social networking) are usually being monetized with native ads due to the presence of list and feed placements (see FB, Pinterest, WSJ).

I’d suggest giving Avocarrot a try. We are specializing in native ads and also provide native interstitial ads. Your GEOs is not a problem many of our partner DSPs have campaigns in southern Europe so you can surely get good rates.

You can take a look at the below screenshots for some examples in news and social networking apps monetizing lists and feed placements with native ads. In this way you can add new revenue streams with native ads.

You can send me some screenshots of your app if you want so I can personalize them to you with Avocarrot native ads.