Best ad network for 24,152 and low 0.23 eCPM ?


I got 2 apps in play store.
1 with Interstitial and Banner
and 1 just with Banner

with the first one i got 20,238 impressions and 2.96 eCPM this month
with the second i got 24,152 impressions and 0.23 eCPM this month (and 0.49 eCPM for all the time :frowning: )

is there any recommendation on Ad network that will give me higher eCPM?

Thank you

I am looking for a better adNetwork too.
I got 10 Millions request with just 0.27 eCPM and really want to try another adNetwork.

Hey guys,

Have you tried Airpush? Our 360 abstract banners are several in app banner ad types, which contains rich media graphics, HD video campaigns, and standard 320x50 ads. Our smart wall ad type is a collection of several in app interstitial ad types, including full screen ads, video, dialog over, and more. These both perform well for publishers with solid fill and CPM world wide.

You can review our demo site for these and our SDK comparison chart below:

Airpush Presentation
Airpush Presentation

Shoot me a PM to chat further.
Airpush Nick

What is your geo? Usually admob perform well in any type of apps. For interstitial, you could also try mC.

What is your geo? What is the type of app? These info are more importants!
For example, if your app is a game, I recommend AppLovin. If your app is a tool/entertainment, I recommend AirPush.

For me, now, mobileCore is no good…read:

Hello benbasha,

The rates for banner ads are usually much lower than for insterstitial ads. At AdBuddiz, we are specialised in high-paying premium interstitials. Your earnings depend on how well your ad impressions convert into installs, which is why we use machine learning algorithms to display the best converting ads first :slight_smile:

Feel free to visit our websiteor email me for more details: [email protected]