Best Ad Network [2013 December]?

Hi all.

I have 5 apps and I want to earn money from them. I used before admob, airpush, leadbolt and mobilecore. Leadbolt were the best 1 year ago. But now leadbolt revenues drops dramatically.

Now, I want to learn what is the best ad network for android apps.

I think admob best

StartApp go here and try it :slight_smile: Startapp

Your signature is outdated. StartApp is far from best.

  1. admob
  2. startapp

admob+Startapp best combination

Tried others too but these too are the best

Saw your revenue, just wanted to know how many downloads did you got for each month?

about 3k-4k download per day, man :slight_smile:

Guys, you have to try appnext !(yes, i’m biased…)

We pay the highest ecpm these days (user can send himself the app via email) and earn 1.5c per user who accepts & registers.

Please try it and post back the results. Most of our 2500 devs report 2-3 times higher ecpm.


Adnob is the best!

Admob is best

Thanks for your reply. I will tyr admob and startapp.

But I’m still open to your opinions.

Why startapp? They pay only 1,2$ for 1k downloads. It’s very very low.

You can get between $1.80 and $12 for 1k downloads, depending on your geos and if you are using their in app ads.
Their rates aren’t as good as they used to be, but if you have decent U.S traffic and also use their (competitive) in-app ads you can earn decent revenues with them.

Could anyone check their senddroid eCPMs, has there been a dramatic change before / after their system update last week? Mine was at $0.75+ and now dropped to less than 0.07 in average

I have the Admob Airpush combo and it works great for me!